there are so many things to tell my regular 7 readers...
and then the many readers that come across my blog doing weird searches...
ie .. nude paintings, ADD and romance, phospherine, and George Bush murders!
and you wonder who these folks are that do these searches and what particular essay that might have momentarily entranced them for 65 seconds of their particular surf/search of the expanding web universe??
I'm surviving this drama as best as an outlaw(?) could survive with an extended family of inlaws...
a good friend told me I had little patience but other good people have remarked how patient I was(??)... and so I need to learn how to rekindle my patience when my frustration with those that might put my behaviors under scrutiny...
ie.. smoking in the boy's room... (when I should be way past that stage of adolesence...)
In the meantime, while searching for a relaxed version of a fattening beach bum in the mundanity of my vicissitudes of midlife and family, I seek a little vacation and quality time with my son!
He is becoming so adept in the deep end of the big pool!
By the end of today's session , he was eagerly diving further and further out as his little arms reached for my shoulders.. and he was so happy in his newly arrived at athletic skills... I play with the large water gun and become a playful child... in the midst of adults who might be enjoying the sight of a beautiful baby learning how to swim at a remarkably young age!


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