ok... when i was just a young virgin I had this obsession with Julie Christie...especially after seeing her on a  cold winter night in Rochester, New York.. I imagined walking 100s of miles in the snow to be with her...I realize after watching her in her recent movie that she was the perfect woman to grow old with...  so understanding and just drop dead beautifull.... for her to say my name in the most sexiest sultry English voice that she has... she was the most beautiful older generation actress ive seen!!! that is one of the few women that has kept her beauty through time....mmmmm

oh...when will he come out of the surf?

but would understand my mental frailties?? perhaps not and if she seemed to be the perfect soul mate, I would perhaps be needy... wondering when i was going to see her next..
or just waiting for her to come in  from the blizzar in her sexy white russian fur hat next to warm fire and sheet for me to warm up her chilled yummy body... ok... a little carried away...
even happilly married men (and women have it with Johnny Depp) have their secret fantasies...


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