oh My God, when will Daddy be finished with his bloody races, Mate??
umm which way should I run??

it cost me 60 mbs to publish these pics to the cyberworld....
its about 930 and perhaps the powers that be above us(?) wanted us to share
the bed and angela was actually trying to kid around....
we were making the best out a blackout happening around 730...a blackout only for our apartment...
and it was kinda like an adventure...with the only power in the laptop and the mobile phone flashlight!!
so much has happened over the weekend...
with us all competing for Mermaid Beach... feeling part of a team...more so than I have since college and high school...
letting my body get into the best shape swimming wise that it has been in a long while..
at the party last night we all had an awards ceremony where the medals were given out.. I wasnt expecting to get any and was so happy when everyone cheered for us getting the bronze medal (3rd) in the surf swim relay ( for a combined of 0ver 150 for 3 people!)

the vibes at the ceremony in our downstairs club were so positive and supportive... I have never felt more part of a family in my adult life since I was a young man enjoying the warmth and love from my extended family here in oz!


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