aah to be a kid again!... discovering new experiences everyday...i want to give everything to my son that I missed out... namely living on the beach would have been the best present my parents could have given me...nothing matches this in my life... anxious each morning to run out and check out the surf...just body surfing the waves and then have brekkie with my family out in the morning sun before my older bro and I walked or skipped to school... singin Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea...
 this little boy of yesteryear had no clue that a middle aged man would be longing to play by the sea...
he wakes up 45 years later
how long can this go on... sell the house in okiehoma and hang out for a little while longer renewing our holiday visa..
get off my ass and become Aussie by descent (100% Queenland Aussie parents)
this would make me the happiest old man on the beach..if not the fastest on the beach..

catching that rip with my teamates...
I knew that I had the best spot in that river of fast water rushing past the breaking waves
and going underneath the waves , pushing off the bottom of the sand and gaining several body lengths on better swimmers...
the ultimate feeling is working out with my new team as we train for the Queenland titles in 2 weeks and then the Aussie titles...
just working out on the best swimming pool in the world, (the ocean!)
happy that Im here and not where the rest off the world is teetering on the brink of Armageddon...
just wish that I could stay here a little bit longer
while my irate territorial redneck surfer neighbor
blows a gasket while Colin  & I sit out on the lawn watching the half moon rise
angry that we are there sharing what he feels is his view
(amazing how angry some folks are no matter where u go)
wewait for Mommy to come back from her evening walk on the beach!


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