wish I could find my coffee cup...where on the beach did I leave it??

wow!! I forgot that I had told Crow Mac or LA(?) to write on my blog anytime!!
...it was a very pleasantly surprised New Year's present for the scary year of 2011...
 we have a little jet set 420 circle!!
..and soon maybe u will be all jet setting when we write a best seller and movie together (delusional or just cannabized??)
u never know???
ive been lookin each day to see when u all pop into our international 420 club...i see u n the feedjit when I see Independence, KC, Charles in OKc  or even my friend , Eliazar from the land of enchantment, New Mexico!!
who spiked my coffee?? umm what were u sayin?
it would be cool to party with u all again while makin jokes about how lunatic palin is especially if she runs?? scary or waht??
la, perhap u could reintroduce your hereinreality chat room and introduce steve to the famous characters of the old  room??. ie.darth cheney and Jules..that chat room was a l0t of laughs when we were worried about a 2nd term with Bush... God Forbid if Palin gets elected ...imagine how scary the country could become??

write some more guys!


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