ok..we could worry about global warming with flood waters rising along with our sea and it raining here for most of the last 2 months...
and we could worry about all the wars for oil... or our beautiful beach being taken away by the sea...or the global fucking financial crisis with lunatics running around with guns in the states or.....

(why worry?? when we can be happy! :)
 we could just be happy that our family is safe and sound in our little flat on Mermaid Beach...happy that I could swim in the water brown from all the floods entering the sea ... happy that my honey had a very energizing walk and now while Colin is asleep, I can write a little bit in reflection...
life is too short to be fretting yourself to a frenzy
when you need to spend the time with the people u love!!

I had a good dream  this morning that i was wanting to talk to you about and I forgot after I woke up..


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