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Evolving into DADDY!

At the back of my mind was the subconcious desire to become a my life is devoted to bringing up our beautiful son in this scary new world...beyond my wildest dreams!
I hate it when my camera doesnt work...bad luck with cameras... sorry Im showing some recent pics..but missing out on great moments!!
wish I could find my coffee cup...where on the beach did I leave it??
wow!! I forgot that I had told Crow Mac or LA(?) to write on my blog anytime!! was a very pleasantly surprised New Year's present for the scary year of 2011...  we have a little jet set 420 circle!!
..and soon maybe u will be all jet setting when we write a best seller and movie together (delusional or just cannabized??)
u never know???
ive been lookin each day to see when u all pop into our international 420 club...i see u n the feedjit when I see Independence, KC, Charles in OKc  or even my friend , Eliazar from the land of enchantment, New Mexico!!
it would be cool to party with u all again while makin jokes about how lunatic palin is especially if she runs?? scary or waht?? la, perhap u could reintroduce your hereinreality chat room and introduce steve to the famous characters of the old  room??. ie.darth cheney and Jules..that chat room was a l0t of laughs when we were worried about a 2nd term with Bush..…

Things Seem to be Looking Good

John, old friend. I am pleased that things seem to be going well for you and the family. I visited Leighann today and both of us thought, "Yeah! This is how things should be for you."
Keep dry and make sure you have your water wings close by should the sea rise.

How close to the wild, wild west is America becoming?

this crazed psychopathic woman  is defending her position after she recommended the assasinated congresswoman, Gifford, be put under the xhairs and be the next target..this lunatic lady loves guns and then in the same breath loves Jesus! I am very scared how incitful (to violence) this crazed women is happened with could easily happen with these right wing extremists! it could be anarchy when these folks with guns and a little knowlege get together! ... don't you think this lady looks obviously psycho??
Could u imagine this lady as your gun bearing mother??
 I would do anything to keep a lady with those evil eyes far  far away from my child as possible..(i feel a littlesafer over 9000 miles away from Alaska!) George Bush was an idiot but  somehow stole the election to become our leader,,, it is even scarier that this pycho could become president  with one of her deadly fingers inches away from the nucular button!!
\editor's note:
Benzedrine is the trade name of t…
ok..we could worry about global warming with flood waters rising along with our sea and it raining here for most of the last 2 months... and we could worry about all the wars for oil... or our beautiful beach being taken away by the sea...or the global fucking financial crisis with lunatics running around with guns in the states or.....
 we could just be happy that our family is safe and sound in our little flat on Mermaid Beach...happy that I could swim in the water brown from all the floods entering the sea ... happy that my honey had a very energizing walk and now while Colin is asleep, I can write a little bit in reflection... life is too short to be fretting yourself to a frenzy when you need to spend the time with the people u love!!
I had a good dream  this morning that i was wanting to talk to you about and I forgot after I woke up..

Flower child of Mermaid Beach


Why it's safer for us to live by the a far off land with few guns!

ok...instead of big waves , somewhere else we could be dealing with big guns! Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head Saturday when an assailant opened fire outside a grocery store during a meeting with constituents, killing six people and wounding 13 others.
Giffords was listed in critical condition -- the bullet went straight through her brain -- but the hospital said her outlook was "optimistic" and that she was responding to commands from doctors. The hospital said a 9-year-old child was among the killed, and a U.S. Marshal said a federal judge was also fatally shot in the attack.
(from Huffpo)

What is holding me back from writing so much??
Strange dream this morning I had about an old girlfriend…I felt guilty afterwards and even more guilty writing about it…
I am so grateful that my family is here, but especially from my son who should be such a wonderful inspiration to us both…

 it's a few hours later and the cyclonic monsoon of constant rain is happening…
another wet day...but spending time with my son is the best time in the world

we are finally taking Colin for some swim lessons at Pizzy Park where olympic athletes were trained as's a great place for a child to grow up away from the video games...
now if only we had dry towels
the Pacific Ocean (our backyard) is beautiful... it is one of the best places in the world to bring up my family... what a shame if our beach was destroyed like the poor beaches of the gulf because of our gluttony for oil!! at least our family rarely drives and I ride a bike for groceries...we could finally say enough... I will not pay taxes to a govt that promotes wars for control of the oil in the middle east and let them get away with saying the lie that it's about fighting terrorism... oil company barons and the govts that are into the deep pockets of oil corporations are the real terrorists! my letter to Huffington Post! when will we as a people or the human race finally say enough??....and decide how essential it is for cleaner alternatives to black ugly oil...this black crud has helped destroy the earth and think of how much blood was spilled over a gallon of this crap that was spilled in the once beautiful gulf!
:WASHINGTON -- As deepwater drilling returns from a months-long h…