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Thanks for the wonderful pic of Buffy, Eric and LA! I wish your family a wonderful year, too!
She looks so adorable!

  I could get upset at my neighbor and ex neighbor who are now best mates, they enjoy getting drunk together and then when intoxicated, they  have a sport of throwing my dune chairs into the dune vegetation...maybe I'll take a pic of the chair since it's in plain view of everyone...I'm sure that will affect his short temper!...
and the new day arrives, seeing the two chairs sitting in the vegetation,
but it's a beautiful day, and they don't bother me as much,
so  check out the waves sitting on my green chair that was an object of last night's chair throwing contest
I run down to the sea
 and feel the cool blue salt water as I duck dive to the last wave that crashes down on the sand bank...I race and face it head on with no fear
and dive for the bottom where you can grab the sand..
and pull myself away from the bullshit of Parthenon Place...

I de…
I could easily get frustrated with some things, but  what I have noticed about things is that I keep getting back up and I'm ready for the next surf swim race... I weigh my tactics
I see the way the rip is going
and I go with the flow
duck diving underneath
the waves, swimming under them as I grab the sand and I know that I'm making distance past the biggest waves (in life)
and I'm ready to have smooth swimming around the buoys before taking the winning wave of my life
and catch her in with the energy knowing that I can easily outsprint my opponents to the finish line...

I went to bed early tonight after going through the trauma of shopping with my wonderful  family...
Ok...I'm on a shoestring budget, hoping the $ doesn't run out and so I don't get the sympathy of those that are having to work for a living..
and either are possesed with the green eyed monster of envy or her uglier sister, Jealousy.. I was just figuring everything was going great with the neighbors of our …
My club is entering me in the open comptetion tube race and surf swim race. I will be competing against some the best  and youngest open comptetitors in Australia...perhaps even Ky Hurst, who has been the best for a decade!
Im not afraid to finish last! I'll get the loud ovation last finishers always get!

what can I say , cept "wish u were here to enjoy some more cheeseburgers!"

uh oh, my son is about to wake up in his new bed    room!

Merry Xmas!

It's cool having the spirit of xmas with other gold coasters!
FIRST DAY , according to the solstice, of summer in the southern hemisphere...and my family will be in the sun too long
i've made coffee, freshly ground with aussie honey and whole milk.... for my wife to take down to our perch,

so she  sits on our little chair at the edge of the dune vegetation (grass) overlooking the beach..
(she'll be burned again, for not wearing her hat)\and frolics in the little pools or rivers of the rip during low tide...
while I look after colin
 he watches an aircraft movie about going back in time to       to just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, for about the 100 th time... he watches it about 3x a day...he's obsessed with jet fighters...
so I have to watch Colin and delay my morning swim...because "happy wife, happy life"

last evening, I had so many epiphanies, wishing I had a tape  recorder to ell u all of them...telling English Mike from downstairs, while sitting on our favorite perches on the edge of the dunes...of my dreams and …

occupy Mermaid Beach

this movement has already happened with at least 90 percent of the people...maybe 99%/...
deciding to have your lifestyle as an intimate relationship with the majestic sea...
beckoning her lovers every gorgeous morning that she feels like having your company...
the lifestyle determines your career...
as usual, I did a bunch of writing and it was erased frm this damn computer!
I was telling you that we have a low carbon imprint lifestyle, with the TV and car not working... I could get into why the car isn't working, but maybe that's a good thing with the agro drivers here on the coast... so now I have to get all the groceries in my baby buggy hooked ingeniously on my bike.. Colin looks forward to going for rides with me and I get more exercise, so I've lost 4kilos!
I only have 11 more to go to get to fighting weight where I'll be on the younger side of my new age group for surf swimming competition with the lifeguards!
We go to be early , now without TV and Colin wakes us up soon after dawn, often as early as 5 that is the best time to check out the calm Pacific in our backyard..and I won't miss out the lifeguard workout 200 meters up the beach at 6!
so what can I say, but happy days are here again...
and folks actually came to my birthday party on our l…

cheeseburgers in paradise sans the cheese...

the angry neighbor, who used to bully us about "his Yard", no longer resides at the Parthenon, so we peacefully had my best birthday party in decades, at least as far as the atmosphere and abundance of friendly faces who actually like me...
and so we celebrated our newly discovered parking lot in the closest place ive been to paradise...

How about a cheeseburger in PARADISE?


and celebrate the event for 2 days, since I was born in the states and it will be Thursday, Friday! logic... could life be any better?
but it might be harder to find anybody with a better lifestyle than us...
swimming in our backyard several times a day, with a chat with Stu and the lifeguards..
living the "no worries" lifestyle... being with other who share this love for the sea
in what feels like a small town/community by the beach seperated by the Gold Coast 4 lane highway
with the large divider and 4 lanes of agro aussie drivers! so much to do all within a quarter/kilometer of our home...
and then training for our proficienies this saturday
with the English contigent of our club...
...moonlight beckoning me
and now rain comes across the sea..
so much ...where we are seeing everthing from the edge of this great island/continent!
another gorgeous day...
it's good that Dad's big TV went into a coma
so now I go to bed of about hrs earlier
each night
and waking up at 5am after the
sun has been streaming in for half an hour
I thought about LA's "cool change"  music
with the dolphins, and then I had my closest alien encounter with a dolphin
and wondered if he/she was smiling at me
while doing her/his fishing..
last night the almost full moon was so mesmerizing that I didn't want to go to bed
so I had to go outside away from the building and lamp lights
to absorb this moment of the moon shimmering above the clouds that were having fireworks
of lightning before the audience's eyes...

recovering from the weekend!

weekends are the busiest and most fun time of the week... culminating on sunday with the handicap surf swim race...putting on the brakes , so my handicap won't increase until I'm in shape...

ive been feeling better losing about 3 kilos in body fat, but increased muscle weight, seeing what my old body and lungs can handle!
losing the TV reception was the best part of our relationship..
now we don't fight over the volume and I have to let go of my obsession
with the news and how the world is    faling apart!
now, we are all asleep before 9
and I was awake before the rest of the family
when the ocean was still
and I had my most intimate
meeting with my dolphin
only about a meter away from me
and i wonder at first in admiration of such b eatuty and intelligence
swimming right beside me in the crystal clear water
and then wonder if it was attracted to the reflection of new waterproof watch!

then later I did the  timed swim with stu
so I can be proficient to continue lifesavin…
my family  liked ur song, LA!

"it's a cool change!"

colin sat on my lap and watched it twice with me..
it was very windy day with a strong southerly flow...

enough that I would see if i could catch my wife and child walking down towards Broad Beach..

(airport lax xmas tree)

it was a stormy and cloudy enough day to actually think of that moment when Dr. Zhivago runs after his family in the snowstorm to find out that they were peasants just trying to survive in the blizzard!

i thought they might have walked inland to check out the really cool multimillion dollar park, designed for education and athletics for young children...

a new place with sand the beginnings of sand castles... was started,,,

I swam and floated about a km before thinking where they might be...

( wondering if Stu was watching me float by in my mermaid club shirt and rip curl hat)

and then gradually walked back checking out the palaces

that might compose one floor of these 10 story residential apartments...

one of these gorgeous laps of luxury would be up for auction in this very down market....

and then while walking …


weve finally got into  the swing of things..
my better half and I had a wonderful day in paradise ...
taking care of my family...
and realizing we do actually have a fun life!
there is so much to tell u and actually cannot believe how wonderful this trip can be..
happiness is the best revenge!
thanks, LA, for the nice note!
I wish that I had seen Colin say "Is this Oklahoma?"
it is so ironic when you know much I've been wanting to escape the "okie Zone"!

I was in my first surf swim on Sunday, and purposely finished last..
they started me off with a large handicap, so I expected to finish as one of the last!
It was a 15 minute swim...
more than I had swum since I was away!
Everyone welcomed us back and Angela wants to get her Bronze so she can be a "lifesaver" also!

"is this Oklahoma??"

Colin Murray says as he gets out of the plane and takes one small step into Oz@@

you add a little sun and sea....and voila we have beach bABY BINGO!

as he frolicks with the other children in the sand... all I can say....


wow!!  finally here again.... while the world fallls apart!


wow...everything is set...
Thanks, Eric, for all your help..
taking care of our Buffy and the Infiniti...
we'll be chatting with you soon from the city of angles!

a pic ture is worth a thousand words...

it's weird about the transitions from one culture to the next...
I could chat about our journeys between destinatioons
but im afraid about giving out too much info to the     assasin arsonist squirrels
ie... when we flew out of lax relaxed that we were finally on our way...
knwing that i had taken care of loose ends...
and my  home burns halfway down..
getting conned again
paying double to a bloke that didn't how to even put on a roof right....
but we grow stronger hopefully with time...
and lifes' school of hard knocks..  looking into my son's eyes knowing that he will have a good life..
and i feel good...

When will you realize Republicons are for the wealthiest 1%?

"Modern-day Republicans have become, quite simply, the Party of the One Percent – the Party of the Rich.

"The Republican Party has totally abdicated its job in our democracy, which is to act as the guardian of fiscal discipline and responsibility," says David Stockman, who served as budget director under Reagan. "They're on an anti-tax jihad – one that benefits the prosperous classes."

The staggering economic inequality that has led Americans across the country to take to the streets in protest is no accident. It has been fueled to a large extent by the GOP's all-out war on behalf of the rich. Since Republicans rededicated themselves to slashing taxes for the wealthy in 1997, the average annual income of the 400 richest Americans has more than tripled, to $345 million – while their share of the tax burden has plunged by 40 percent. Today, a billionaire in the top 400 pays less than 17 percent of his income in taxes – five percentage points less than a …
I keep marvelling at where I am now and where I was a few years ago...
the idea of a family was far from my concious...
but it was in my dreams...
as 1  became 3...
a family interacting in our own world...
the amazing things that have been happening...
it was wonderful finding this part of myself that has lain dormant
a gene for survival, that when things got tough, the tough get going..
  knowing that I could meet each challenge that came my way
and I looked the bull in the horns and grabbed them full on..
it was an epipheny how decisions for just myself then became choices for our family... I've just had the faith or doggone optimism.. that we would work things out and realize how things  are wonderful on this earth... things can happen if you believe they will I understand how you can have a mindset for the way things ought to be...
and sometimes you actually get what you wish for!

Wow! Shaker in the Okie Zone

It was just after we left the Okie Zone...the 5.7 after shock was in a state where they hardly every have shakes... there was an earthquake in Australia recently too in one of the most stable continents!!
   and then hearing about the Northern Lights arriving to the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma!
   is this bizarre weather or what??
it's great to have good eyes,,or to be able to see properly again with your naked eyes!
it's wonderful when everything appears to be going according to the plan..
   this plan that has been perceived before my eyes, is actually happening!
  I was pleasantly surprised that this 11 year old investment appears to be finally paying off with 20/20 eyesight sans the stigmatism in my left eye , which had drastically affected my night vision (when I saw the blur around lights and causing a little double vision..
Clear Sight Center near my house , and expert hands of the Doctor I believe have fixed the stigmatism! (enough so that my left eye actually sees better than my right eye)
it's wonderful spending time with family!
today is my son Colin Murray's 3rd birthday! what a fantastic day.. I never expected to have this life of being a devoted father (or did i?)...
it will be good when recover in a much healthier place!
where I can take my family swimming every morning before brekkie
after making some delicious fresshly ground coffee
our country is falling apart
where greed is good...
unless this revolution happens
and evolves perhaps where helping other is a good thing at least in most peoples values...

instead of being labelled socialism by republicons or by Bill Oliely from Fox News...
I love watching Faux (Fox) News just to see the workings of the very powerful 1%,
with their wizard, Karl Rove, on their salary and calling the shots as if he were a general of the right wing corporate controlled media!
Today, I tuned into the republicon channel to hear him ranting about Obama is a better campaigner than president. ummmmm, and weren't you the brains behind Bush when he had his major boodogles..
ie Katrina, Iraq and the continual replay of Vietnam in Afghanistan!
"Computer scientist Kevin Knight of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering told Science Daily that the secret society members shared a fascination with eye surgery. Other possible affiliations shared among the code-sharing knowledge elite remain speculative, however. "Historians believe that secret societies have had a role in revolutions, but all that is yet to be worked out," Knight said. "And a big part of the reason is because so many documents are enciphered.""

I was looking at yahoo news about a secret society... I believe there are many secret societies...
the "occupy wall street " movement is obviously not secret
but the Stone Mason Society/ neoconservative/corporate think tank  is!
and it's finally happening where the 99% are confronting the dominant 1% who side with the artificial insemination  that some folks call "fair and balanced" news...
the tea party was created from this powerful secret society who helped create Fau…
finally the revolution is here!... democracy will work.. we will have changes...
most of the 99% are becoming wise to how the greedy rich have taken from us without paying their share..
the republicon rich channel is doing their best to discredit this movement!
everything is happening so fast... and it finally   seems that things are on the upswing..
Obama is pulling us out of IRAQ!
and hopefully soon, he will pull out of Afghanistan!
Obama has helped liberate Libya without a singele soldier dying!...

2 billion= 0 american lives lost= winning the war and people's revolution!

cool...another 1 bites the dust and republicon never wanna give the poor bloke in charge credit!

so what does Obama do... perhaps , he plays this game of plitics like a chess game! and gaining enough victories, and save the military            industrial complex from getting too involved
and only a very tiny fraction for victories that never     happened in these boondoggle of wars to profit Haliburton and the greedy corporations   sucking off our money like tapeworms in the heart of the economy!