Blessed or lucky??

I've been thinking how fortunate I have been ...but it was making the right decisions...but then luck could be going my way for a change or maybe we could be blessed???..
the emotional roller coaster of life..who would have ever thought that I would ever be a daddy except these wild ideas within my own heart???
there are things we cant explain..
and I tell my wife if God is behind all that is happening, then that is great!!
and say Hallelujah!
I said a prayer to the heavens for help that lonely night in Arkansas...and my friend Steve soon after if he could what u could an angel in human form sent to help you...
God only knows...having a son is beyond my wildest imagination...
to hear him say Hi Daddy every morning now me the warmest feelings...
and if there is a God, I want to thank him/her/it...

I was worried about passing the proficiency for my bronze and it went so well this evening with my chosen tribe of oz... we all want to feel part of different tribes..and it's nice to finally click with others who love the same wonderful entity...
the ocean!



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