October 25, 2010, 3:14 PM
Doing the things that I fear you the most makes me strnger!

Singin alng to a logististics commercial…
That amazingly brings out the subliminal feelings of amore (Italian for love)
So having a couple of bowls to escape
  when my better half finally goes for a walk and colin’s taking a sleep…

Mess has become the most frequent persistent 4 letter word in our  roller coaster ride for the last 2 years of this relationship’
I feel I often cant work hard enough to stop my honey from worrying..
Some folks love to worry and they become consumed with it...
 what can be their drama today??

So Im listening to fox…why because I want to often hear what the enemies to our democratic ideals are saying…
Fox has never been a voice speak for the right wing..it is almost orwellian what this station is getting away with when it claims to be a "fair and balanced" station
we have a
when we peak outside our caves do we have a natural fear  of our world coming to an end??

So a couple of bowls to get into psychic thinking or just deciding what my antagonists are up to in life’s chess game…

It’s exciting to meet a challenge and not have the constant anxiety of not being able to even meet the challenges on a daily basis…

You know what my challenge is??
To figure out a plan for out future…
My child, his mom and me…how do we go to native son’s country where we can feel the ocean soothe our old and young bones??…. it so much better to see everything with far more pixels in our vision and attention to detail..
yesterday was my son's prebirthday party .. I will miss him so much...he is learning how to blow out his first bday candles!!


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