hey.. it's great to chat with you all again... for enquiring minds who want to know about Angie and brad or G and A...
it's great to have a little condo in Fairfield Bay paid up for a month , far enough away from the extended in laws, so we can have out own little family again...it has two great balconies overlooking some pretty oak trees, so it's really fantastic to have some privacy ... while we both do some healing and now have the reality of making it work... verses the long messy divorce and fight for custody...
I believe we are both maturing with the common endeavor of bringing up our beautful Colin with  both loving parents instead of repeating history with the grandparents taking care of a child... again!!
I only wish that I wouldnt have to drive a mile to the library parking lot to finally chat with you!
but it's great to reflect on the very challenging ordeal, which I believe only helped me become stronger and more confident parent... And it helped me apreciate my relationship with my son even more.. I now cherish every moment and will have to invest in another camera so I can capture the wonderful moments in time ...

and actually share this moment... and just maybe we will live happilly ever after!


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