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it's great when Im on a road trip or sky trip to my favorite country!!
air plane ride was great and all my friends have been a wonderful help! thank you, LA and her family for helping me with accomodation and the ride to the airport!
Thank you, Steve for the same and wonderful support!
I hope that you and LA can produce some wonderful work together and hope that you all can contribute as authors to my blog too!! Thank you, Buffy, for being a wonderful canine!

and on another reason to avoid MCDS!

Email Comments 4,515 WASHINGTON -- There may be something rotten at McDonald's -- and it's not a year-old Happy Meal.

The owner of a franchise in Canton, Ohio enclosed a handbill in employees' paychecks that threatened lower wages and benefits if Republicans don't win on Tuesday.

"As the election season is here we wanted you to know which candidates will help our business grow in the future," reads the letter. "As you know, the better our business does it enables …
it's cool hangin' out at steve's before I take off for the wild blue yonder...
he took some wonderful photos of me and Buffy when we were at Tohatchi and then our recent reunions especially recently...
I will miss my son so much
and hoping the rest of my family will join me soon
having averted a major tragedy...
the break up of our family..
Steve and my good friend, Charles, have been a wonderful support in this roller coaster ride!

man's best friend!Thank you , LA! Im glad I was able to see you and our darling Buffy!



"WASHINGTON -- Colorado Republican Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Ken Buck last year said he "strongly" disagrees with one of the bedrock principles of American society: the separation of church and state.

"I disagree strongly with the concept of separation of church and state," said Buck at a forum for GOP Senate candidates last year. "It was not written into the Constitution. While we have a Constitution that is very strong in the sense that we are not gonna have a religion that's sanctioned by the government, it doesn't mean that we need to have a separation between government and religion. And so that, that concerns me a great deal."

In his statement, he also criticized President Obama for calling the White House Christmas tree a "holiday tree." "It's just flat wrong in my mind," he added. His remarks were captured …
October 25, 2010, 3:14 PM Doing the things that I fear you the most makes me strnger!
Singin alng to a logististics commercial… That amazingly brings out the subliminal feelings of amore (Italian for love)
So having a couple of bowls to escape
  when my better half finally goes for a walk and colin’s taking a sleep…

Mess has become the most frequent persistent 4 letter word in our  roller coaster ride for the last 2 years of this relationship’
I feel I often cant work hard enough to stop my honey from worrying.. Some folks love to worry and they become consumed with it...  what can be their drama today??
So Im listening to fox…why because I want to often hear what the enemies to our democratic ideals are saying… Fox has never been a voice speak for the right is almost orwellian what this station is getting away with when it claims to be a "fair and balanced" station
we have a when we peak outside our caves do we have a natural fear  of our world coming to an end??
So a coupl…
By Amy Gardner
Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, October 24, 2010; 12:01 AM
In an unruly, unpredictable and chaotic election year, no group has asserted its presence and demanded to be heard more forcefully than the tea party. The grass-roots movement that was spawned with a rant has gone on to upend the existing political order, reshaping the debate in Washington, defeating a number of prominent lawmakers and elevating a fresh cast of conservative stars.

has anybody realized that this whole movement is only flamed by fox news which loves the controversy and their squeaky wheels!!
why doesnt the media publicize the fabrication of the news and the millions of dollars pumped into the rallies of the Tea/koolaid drinkers of the lunatic nazi skinhead/redneck right wing!!

Igfxpers’ we've conquered the "smart engine" in this puter! how do americans fight this right wing special interest "smart engine"??

word up!! a good day again bonding more with my son before I have to go..
Igfxpers’ (random letters part of this bleeping virus) October 24, 2010, 10:26 AM

yaYYY hallejulah!! praise the lord and the universal energies...I prayed to have the mental strength to fight this trojan32 smart engine... and we did it... of course from a nice stranger in this pleasant Fairfield retirement and resort community!!
A wonderful morning watching the Sunday news info and propagandas…. 
 Npr had a maj0r gaff to help folks understand  i knew juAN WOULD BE HIRED IMMEDIATELY  BY FOX..  faux news loves conflict and the demise of the only news station that isnt controlled by the right wing media!!  we dont understand how we are getting fucked over by the general right wing store (metaphor for the smart engine of the right wing think tank that helps the very powerful at the top of this potential oligarchy(general power controlled by a few)...    i was wondering when we would start using metaphors abou…
the autumn colors are reaching their maximum and I can finally reach the cyberuniverse from this temporary from a high point on the foothills of the ozarks! ok

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with…

it's cool listening to karen carpenter on this beautiful indian summer..

I did a search for grandparents stealing grandchildren and this is what came up...I have to decide what to do,,, it is a serious situation when my son's grandmother decides she wants to be a full time mommy again having all of her grandchildren in her domain... where she can be the head matriarch,,,
the queen has her son act as a bouncer so Im not permitted to see my son...
my wife complains she feels sick and so she can use that as an excuse to find comfort in the queen's domain...
i guess in so many situations the father has little rights especially in the state of Arkansas!

here is what I found from a search:
"Do grandparents have the right to sue their children for visitation rights with their grandchildren?

Also, if the parents decide they want to move out of state but the grandparents take their child to court to prevent them from leaving and taking the children, what will the court say about this? Will the grandparents be awarded visitation rights? Will a judge hol…
my better half decided to take my child to the domain of the ice queen
 she has taken away my son again hopefully only for the evening...
my wife takes my son away promising to bring him back for the evening
and then she decides to keep him in the realm of the granmommy dearest

and then about the other plotters on a world level:....

Charles Koch, whose wealth Forbes magazine calculates at about $21.5 billion, argues in his letter that “prosperity is under attack by the current administration and many of our elected officials.” He repeatedly warns about the “internal assault” and “unrelenting attacks” on freedom and prosperity. A brochure with the invitation underscores that to the Koch network, “freedom” means freedom from taxes and government regulation. Mr. Koch warns of policies that “threaten to erode our economic freedom and transfer vast sums of money to the state.”

The Kochs insist on strict confidentiality surrounding the California meetings, which are entitled “Understanding …
I wonder who could be my best friends among my readers??...
could somebody who used to like me
now hate me enough
to curse me with dying of dementia
and then just call me an idiot as an afterthought??
what is the motivating cause??
love, hate, or jealousy/envy??
speak to me but as politely as ur short fuse might allow??
"Cannabis 'could stop dementia in its tracks' — Cannabis may help keep Alzheimer's disease at bay. In experiments, a marijuana-based medicine triggered the formation of new brain cells and cut inflammation linked to dementia. The researchers say that using the information to create a pill suitable for people could help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's"

"well this could be my answer to one of my many delightful readers??awesome song!! makes you remember exactly that feeling of not being able to live without someone,o with compelling and beautiful music and that stellar voice! "

word up!! a good day again bonding more with my son before I have to go..
ok.. I suppose that i say to myself in so many ways that I am retarded or maybe even question whether I have the early stages of dementia or
that I have made bad choices in life...
one of my delightful readers threatened me with dying of dementia...
so in which case a little bit of  the stuff, that will be hopefully legal by then will help me deal with my own malady...
it's good that one of my best friends. steve, could see us
and wonder if any counselor could help us...
why is it so difficult for my wife to be happy??
Im waiting for this video (im not even sure what it is since it's a new program to add videos)... I had a chance to play with my son this morning in the beautiful Fairfield Bay resort area... when Im rich, Id love to have this beautiful view of the bay (even though it's man made).. it will be cool this weekend when my good friend, Steve, is coming to visit!! Im trying to figure out a plan for our family, where I can still go to Oz and have some assurances that my better half and son will come in December , before all the money runs out.. Ive never had more difficulty having happy days since Ive been married, Im so happy bonding with my son, but it's a daily challenge of dramas with my honey.. I believe that I have unconditional love for her, so that no matter what she has put me through, I will still love her.... so for the next couple weeks, I have to take care of business so that things will be taken care of.. I am entrusting her again with her parents who hold the umbilical c…
it's cool being able to connect...
and I can be outta here in a fortnight...
but Ill be immediately missing out on my son's growth and everday his mind is picking up new things and exciting places to play... from the Oz arks to the Oz beaches... (u like that??) the world as we know it and have known is changing as fast as my son does...
his is bad the world is only growing worse...
or can things turn around ???,
the way we  as humans were all rooting for the 33 miners all over the world!!!...
could we possible have a  world wide effort  just figuring a peaceful way for our  dangerously expanding population??
how can we survive??
what kinda crazy world will my son inheriting...
paying for these wars around the world we are creating (against terrorism or just to have control of the precious black crud down deep in the earth??
I've been doing a frantic search again with to get the best deal on flights outta here... I worry because, I will never be able to keep my wife happy or without worry... I keep thinking "happy wife, Happy life" but it seems like a herculean task, especially when staying in the domain of the Ice Queen... two nights with her and she wakes up late (till 10 or more worrying about the future with her weird husband, who is always the weird bloke at the end of the bar!) it's so good to walk with Charles and get it all off my chest!
it's so wonderful to be a father!
I thought about what a wonderful day , we had on Sunday.. I dont want son to inherit this angry world! I believe it's important that we call hate filled opinion stations for what they are ... as vehicles to inspire hate and violence among Americans...leading to the anarchy of and the lack  of effectiveness of a govt. 
these hate filled stations only dissent when their rich republithugs status arent in power! It has become a scary dangerous country! leading to crazy lunatics taking their anger out on society with senseless violence!!
"Byron Williams, a 45-year-old ex-felon, exploded onto the national stage in the early morning hours of July 18.

According to a police investigation, Williams opened fire on California Highway Patrol officers who had stopped him on an Oakland freeway for driving erratically. For 12 frantic minutes, Williams traded shots with the police, employing three firearms and a small arsenal of ammunition, including armor-piercing rounds fired from a .308-calibe…
SO I end up forgetting Colin's nappy , when I specifically go back inside the condo for that but then I have the idea of closing the door to the upstairs balcony... so guess what... I have the usual ADD moment...
fortunately, the nice waitress at this little spot has some extra size
its always happens..I think that Im writing some very profound feelings about my son and then its all lost while I try to download a confounded pic... and it' all gone..

I suppose diapers/nappys are one of the top ten biggest issues with my wife and I ...
so dont u think that Im putting the most effort into getting him potty trained so that when my wife comes back and gives me the third degree about why he got the rash, I wont become defensive and worry that she'll never leave him alone to poop again...
so 20/20 hindsight, I should have checked him more often instead of letting him go to sleep when  he was poopy... becaue guess what, he gets a bad rash.. I  put lots of desitin on him but its no…
of course, i think Im usually unlucky and Murphy's law happens to me ...  then sometimes I think Im unlucky or just absentminded.. before I finally pried myself away from the TV having a relaxing day bonding with my sone, we decided to walk to the local internet cafe for a bite... its so hard to remember everything so I forget the diaper... and then I go back inside with the intention of getting one ... instead I close the door to the upstairs bedroom door and forget the diapers... so as usual, as soon as I give the order for food, I realize Colin stinks, and Im without a diaper... then I think how unlucky I am that 2 days in a row, he doesnt poop until we go for a walk! but the waitress has extra diapers the exact size that she's been trying to get rid of for weeks!
ok... we are hopefully workin' it out... when he was briefly (2 weekends and a week) taken away from me, it just made me apreciate him more... and help me realize the lengths I would go to fight (as a peaceful warrior) for our family ... this little time for a couple of weeks helps me treasure every minute I spend with him while he grows up... so Im at the cool local convenience store/restaurant cybercafe! talking to everyone that is out's funny how Ive got more to say when Im in our homey condo that was furnished and almost blessed (or lucky?) with such a good deal!! we have been blessed in the forces that be want us to be together... my honey is going to take him to her home with the inlillys, so  I can at least go there to go pick him late this avo, so we can enjoy the beautiful indian summer evenings... need my honey to go get some beers or I guess I could make my weekly beer run since Im still in dry Van Buren county... amazing how some places in the US are still dry …
ok... another day, and I'm realizing how fat and old I'm getting hoping that when I finally get out of here and I'm in the rejuvenating waters of Mermaid Beach, I can lose 5kilos in the first 2 weeks!!... I see the surf club is already having the profiency  tests for our voluneer lifeguards... Maybe I can't look as good as the Jesus lifeguard, but long beautiful hair isnt everything.. especially when it gets in the way when I'm trying to see the buoy in the waves of the Sunday surf/swim race!!

well, things appear to be falling into place cept my builder still hasn't built the storage shed or guttering, and stays at my place working for rent.. I guess that I have to bite the bullet and call him... and see what's up... I think that often I get intimidated by making phone calls just to avoid confrontation or conflictsss... all I wanna do is swim and float in the surf....(could we make that into a song??)

October 7, 2010
Encouraging Future Hopes
Sagittarius Daily…
there are so many things to write about, but I am so excited about having a new camera that can take such better pics, but it take so long for this blog machine to put it on!!... I'm always curious about my visitors and what they think of my blog/biograpy when they happen across my site... im always a little worried/paranoid that somebody will use it for the wrong purpose, but I believe lately that most of the readers out there are friendly (cept the ones that use voodoo)..... and then i thought what about this world govt that crazy lunatics have thought about and been part of a secret society perhaps the Stone Masons... i was wanting to watch the show, but my honey gets frustrated when Im interested in one of these shows and dont want to miss out on this infor.. I need to really work hard at keeping her happy , so she'll come to Oz lata...and I wont miss out too much on our wonderful son's evolution into boyhood and then manhood! it is so cool to have my hands on the handleb…
i just got a new camera where I uploaded some really cool photos of our son at the condo, but I guess for now this one from a few weeks back will have to do.  Hey Daddy!! be happy