Hi!! suddenly colin started saying that to me and everybody else!!
and said "Mine!~" hat, hot, mamma , dadda, allright, and the word list keeps accelerating...
we live vicariously through him...
so today we have to think of positive goals for our relationship!
I immediately wrote 3 out long hand...
1. wake up with at least 2 positive beautiful statements about our love ones...
2. think of something fun to do with the family and actually do it..
3. spend evening saying only positive bits of love to each other and maybe end up with a romantic evening with candles by the surf...

How does spending time with the family sound mundane, steve??
now Im spending lots of wasted time looking for stuff that gets missplaced as I play with musical bedrooms with my wife and her extended family!!,,, cant find the charger for the laptop and my favorite prescription tinted glasses have been mysteriously lost or just thrown out??


  1. All three sound great, but number 2, perhaps appearing the most mundane, will get the most mileage.

    I'm moving to Kansas/Missouri to study the Civil War, and possibly teach and eat. SAMacIntosh


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