again Im at the crossroads, in limbo back in the okie zone while pigging out at this buffet
and visiting a famous house of ill repute...
i want to see Buffy and friends of KC but I hate missing out on Colin time...
saying HI Dude!!!
but tomorrow I know Ill go on a bike ride by the Okie River..
it's nice that they've made that area like a park instead of the eyesore that it used to be..
but I cant remember the eye sore..
now it only looks nice like my house..
I almost wish that I could enjoy the house a little more
like enjoying the new car until you have to let somebody else drive it..
so that's what will be done with my old house/home...
the builder says it's his household/home
with no downpayment
only the promise that I will have alot of work done on my home to make it look even we'll see...

this cheap waterproof camera takes some bizarre pics


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