I had a great chat with my mentor lifeguard,Stu, about
"Group Think" and what it actually means in regards to the politics of the past, present and future..
He gave an example of" Bay of Pigs " where JFK was the strong dominant leader, and the mind guard was his brother, RFK to exclude dissenters and pick them off...
so the idea was to go with guerillas to Fidel Castro's Cuba to overthrow his communist regime...
they went ahead with the deal but it failed...
we have been thinking about what would be best for the club in order for it to evolve into the type of club most folks would enjoy..
I thought about my own history at Utopachi where there was a strong dominant leader just out of helping natives maybe in Bangladesh or Ubegistan
and he had this vision for the Navahos in this little community
but he didn't care who he would walk over in the process of walking over those that stood in the way of his ego's glory...
this bloke looked like Jesus on a harley when he rode though the village with his beard and long hair flowing...he stayed on another year after I left becoming the head football coach (after helping get rid of the former coach) and the principal
his team was undefeating his final year! (meaning o wins)
this bloke was very good at helping get others to follow along with his group think!
and he could pick people off from his group with
"others are doing it like me. How come you're not with my program for the success of the children" ..using this psychology to win converts to his ideology... he was succesful at gathering mostly other young teachers to his thinking...a strong dominant leader could be good or bad for the success of a program...

Stu and I were talking about the surf club and what could be the vision and be best for the club..we need a strong leader but one who could best deal with folks that are not on the same page and might very well have good ideas for the club....a key aspect of group think is excluding dissenters...

I wonder what the real Jesus was like in regards to group think and his disciples...he told his only dissenter, Judas, to leave and do what he was intending to do...and betray him...does this sound blasphemous??


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