a picture is worth a thousand words... and u need to get your camera fixed ...or time to upgrade to a waterproof camera where u dont have to worry about moisture...
so you don't need to borrow other great photographs of the surf!
it's hard to believe where we were a month ago...
back in the arky zone worried about your unattended closets of collected garbage
still holding you back from freedom from the Okie zone!
it's funny how somebody from Gallup did a search for what I might have mentioned to them...
and they thought of some facsimile of the title...
a lot has been happening out of the zones and into a new zone
where you still meet assholes no matter how far from the Okie zone you have escaped !!
You take care of as much business as you can...
wire the funds ....
and try to save this sinking ship with left over memories lost in the past...

Now u are paying and will be paying out the gazoo!!
and all because of your own stupidity
and innate hope in the better nature of humanity...
with that thought you are very liable to be screwed up the butt!

you could easily feel overwhelmed...
but then you just go with the flow of the current...
waiting for good moment to slip under those monstrous waves
as they continue to aproach you
you have found the sandbank and can push off
and flow with the undertow in the bottom foot of rough water...
as sand swirls around
u relax and let it take you
and just up finally from the surface
and you are past the last breaks to
find relatively peaceful ocean
on the verge of breaking up on this great continent!

surf swim race tomorrow AM!
can't wait!!
I'll sleep till Colin wakes us
and then I'll swim a few warm up
wondering if they will still have the race!!


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