Our tribe members are those people who accept us as we are and gladly accompany us on our journeys of evolution... (daily OM)
Maybe it's the aura that you give off where some folks do not want to accept you...
when you find the right folks to hang out with and grow as a person, it changes everything...

I want to compete so badly in the state surf lifesaving races...
I'm frustrated to find out that the next bronze assesment won't be until March 14th
and I probably won't be able to have my bronze in time to compete in the nationals...
everyone else passed on Sunday...
that was another slap in my face from life ..it's hard to not take it personally
knowing that if the instructor let me take the test I would have confidently passed
relieved that I would finally be able to compete for the surf lifesaving club,
a tribe that I have want to be part of ...and in many ways, I am already part of it...
instead I joined the surf lifesaving tribe of volunteers for the Sunday morning surf handicap swim race...


  1. Hey. I finally got my interwebs back. Sorry to hear about the haunted, not-for-profit charity house having succumbed to the flame. A blessing in disguise?

    I was finally able to do a little research on the Murch. I started getting excited when I began seeing Christie's and Sotheby's pop up. All I could gather, was that one just ike it sold in November for 3600 AUD. Not as much as I was thinking, but at least we know something.

    OUR painting (ha) still has the original gallery label and frame from when it was first exhibited at the Macquerie Galleries.

    I still love it and am in no way ready to part with it. You might as well take part of my ear? with you. You have to know it is worth more than 3200 US quid to those who adore it so.
    Please don't taaaaake my Arthur Murch awaaaaay.

  2. Dear Marcy, Thank you for your enquiry regarding Arthur Murch. I am happy to give you some information regarding the above artist. Arthur James Murch was born on the 8th July 1902 in Croydon NSW and was apainter and sculptor. He was an official War Artist during World War 11. Studied engineering and became an engineering draughtsman but abandonedengineering in 1924. Attended R A S School under Datillo Rubbo and James R Jackson, 1921-1925Studied under Rainer Hoff, 1923-1925. London, Chelsea Polytechnic; Rome,under Prof. Sciotino,1925-1927 returning to Australia in 1927. He became well known as a sculptor's assistant to George Lambert 1928-1930. He responded to the modernists influences on a later trip to Europe.1936-1940. Awards. NSW Travelling Scholarship 1925. Archibald Prize for portraiture 1949.RAG NSW Rural Prize 1958.His work is represented in State Galleries including, Brisbane, Adelaide,Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemain and the AustralianWar Memorial in Canberra. I hope this has been of help to you. Best regards Marlene Antico


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