Gosh LA! Still haven't made the big trek but bought the tickets domestically and will decide on if we are going through Fiji!
Im getting cabin fever but at least the wearther is above 40 so
I can get a little cycling (to get the heart rate up)...
How is Buffy??
I miss her everytime I go outside and herbalize...
or when I go for a cycle!@


  1. Ah! I was picturing you there already! We have to remind ourselves every day, "We don't get to keep her. She's not ours to keep." Because otherwise we are running the risk of becoming extremely attached to this dear creature. We all love, love, love her. All the nice things you've ever said about her are no exaggeration. In general she is having a blast, but a couple of times a day she sits (on the couch) by the front door and looks forlorn. We know what she's thinking.


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