Today I was in the last surf race of
our family's visit..
I love the way my family and my new friends came over to watch the Mermaid Beach surf handicap race as the Coolangatta Gold swim went on from Surfers Paradise to Coolagatta and back...
it was one of my most fun mornings of exercise and racing in a long while...
it is so wonderful to seize the day!!
carpe diem!!
seized... I woke up soon after sunrise with enough sleep in my body to swim the hardest swim and race since I bicycled 100 miles in the Hotter than Hell in Wichita Falls, Texas...
Im not the best over 50 but I wanna damn sure as close in being in great shape as I have been for over a decade!! and do it quickly before my bones, lungs and hearts won't be able to do it...
then I will live vicariously through my son's love for aquatic athletics..
this lifestyle, I hope will become a way of life for us!!


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