I'm relaxing now after a swim race and a surf life saver course (this is so I can eventually earn my bronze...and be able to volunteer lifeguard once a month or an avo with cool weekend beach blokes who love the surf as much as I do...)
I'm herbalizing right now about where my future for me and my family lies...
this spot looks pretty good here mates!!
until the next tsunami hits...
and then what will it all matter??
colin, my better half and I could climb up onto the roof of our flat and wait for that wave!!
Maybe we would be high enough (in case it's over 7 meters)
and the concrete building would be strong enough for us to watch it storm by at 20-30 kms/hour!!

Colin and my mate are sleeping....two very important people that I now have to take care of in my life! so if the Tsunami hits we'll head for the hills or catch that exciting wave!!


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