Do you ever have the fantasy that you will never grow old and die?
that you can your keep your perpetual youth....
but then you live young vicariously seeing the brave exciting new world through your child's eyes...
you learn from him how to play and laugh naturally!! ;)
he discovers the surf and laughs as the waves push hard against his legs... he
kicks his legs in anticipation as you walk down your backyard of dune growth waiting to play in the sand and feel the cool saltwater against his body!
just waiting to taste, touch, feel and look at it new things in his new life!!


  1. The things that you write are so profound, and would make a great narrative to a documentary. You could start a portion of a particular moment that brought these thoughts to you. (E.G. the day your son was born, it gets acted out, and some the things that you have said about life, family, age, discovery, etc...can be used as the narrative to his "birthday"). Another subject, is your political views. You can use some of the blogs, while the scenes of some of the actions by these political leaders are playing.


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