I wonder who will ever read this blog...now that folks don't know where to go to get updates??

There are so many loose ends that I have to take care of...

Nobody is reading this now except myself or a crazy woman obsessed with the idea that I'm stalking her since I happened to look her up on twitter just a little curious about her..

ok...curiosity kills the cat..and then there's Lance Armstrong...

(The pic above is me escaping from responsibilities and worry...when all I just wanna do is play..with very little effort..is this the story of my life??)

momentarily escaping from having to make decisions for a week...

wow...what a man!! coming back in the Tour de France...I get into these states of limbo...where I don't feel like doing anything... I worry needlessly..

I took this trip to see the extended family of my in laws...all this road travelling has inflated my left foot...all because I procrastinate and try to save on hotel fees..this happened before when I drove all night...except I was not as old and it wasn't as serious..Now I can barely move my foot

while I watch the Tour de France.. propping the foot on the baby cot while Colin and Angela sleep...wondering who the fuck is reading this trash while life is passing us by... It is nice for the controlling mother wanting to take care of the mother..she wanted me to go on this trip to meet Grandma...so two ladies and all the inlaws could formulate their opinions of me...right now, all I wanna do is to take a swim..it's warm and a chance to

Im still the weird guy at the end of the bar... living to day to day in a state of limbo, not able to decide how to spend the next year....while the heat increases here in hillbilly country.. The pic above is near my beloved Silverton!!


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