SAN FRANCISCO — A drug deal plays out, California-style: A conservatively dressed courier drives a company-leased Smart Car to an apartment on a weekday afternoon. Erick Alvaro hands over a white paper bag to his 58-year-old customer, who inspects the bag to ensure everything he ordered over the phone is there.

An eighth-ounce of organic marijuana buds for treating his seasonal allergies? Check. An eighth of a different pot strain for insomnia? Check. THC-infused lozenges and tea bags? Check and check, with a free herb-laced cookie thrown in as a thank-you gift.

It's a $102 credit card transaction carried out with the practiced efficiency of a home-delivered pizza – and with just about as much legal scrutiny.

More and more, having premium pot delivered to your door in California is not a crime. It is a legitimate business.

Marijuana has transformed California. Since the state became the first to legalize the drug for medicinal use, the weed the federal government puts in the saFont sizeme category as heroin and cocaine has become a major economic force."

I would love for it eventually be like this in the rest of the country...we would just have a place to go smoke outside of pubs or restaurants...while others partake of that tobacco cigarette laced with that highly addictive nicotine that humans have perfected so well ...

maybe it could actually evolve where there were different spots for different smokers.. a room or outside area for weed, one courtyard or a section for cigarettes and the other for cigars...

and there could be chessboards all over the place!!...

ok....why does this keep changing in size?? each time I digress on this rainy avo in hillbilly land...limbolized, cannabized, ....just very lazy...but this insatiable desire to communicate...this happens with bud... Ive been investing so much time into putting together this just opening my mind up to the world of cybosphere...yet part of me doesnt know the right audience for this shit..

Maybe if I just do a little writing in multicolors..heck at this I want to record my thoughts and picture in the easiest , lowest carbon imprint , laziest way...

I have all these thoughts in so little time to write them out...Of course, I get lazy..and just like to settle down in various places all over the world(???)

others would be afraid of just letting your mind go where you have never gone before..all this while watching the Tour de France with the extended in law children all over the place... perhaps we could all be in Oz next week...or just on top of the world in Kansas....all this happening while my eyes get more presbyterianopia..(seeing close up gets more difficult without glasses)...or maybe it's fear of american fundamentalists especially up close as part of an extended family ...(maybe I should include this word in the urban dictionary...

I put it all out there as my own kind of decide later about these thought in this current state...(and then I thoughts that I would be so happy to swim in the deep blue matter how cold)

life is so short..


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