Thank You, LA! It is so wonderful to connect with all my readers, new and old who come across my blog...
I am forever in your debt for helping me get it published onto the main blogosphere..I guess, it is one chance for my fifteen minutes of fame or infamy?? Now when you punch in the site with all my most recently published thoughts comes into the eyes of folks from Islamabad to TanyMorel in Oz...
I have yet to know how to completely understand how to get feejit and see wherever folks are tuning into the my daily soap opera..
I'm always happy about your inspirations and musings...
to know that somebody outthere likes the stuff I write...
Maybe you could leave a comment when a post possibly makes an impact on you...
whenever (if ever...maybe Im a bit delusional?)
this site becomes a bestseller...I will definitely send you royalties..It's cool that you and Eric tune into these crazy ADDventures and accidents..more like misADDventures..

now my wife, baby and dad in law are taking naps amidst the loud video games of my neice in law...Ill visit the computer store to see why my own laptop jiggles back and forth
It is all so confusing about who my server is and why they decided to censor or prevent my blog and others from getting printed..
Then Dot easy is the domain holder..

I am getting frustrated that I can't write without my words getting jumbled!
I'm frustrated when my words aren't coming out at the rate of someone with an extpreme stutter.. I'm in the middle of a word and then it goes back to a previous word everything gets erased...does this make any sense to you??

but that could be the fault of my crazy laptop


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