"The story claims Phelps partied for two days with students in November at the University Of South Carolina in Columbia, with one witness telling News of the World "he was out of control".
Reportedly Phelps knocked backed beers and shots of spirits, before being offered a bong from which he inhaled deeply.
"You could tell Michael had smoked before," the article reported a witness as saying.
"He grabbed the bong and a lighter and knew exactly what to do!"

Here we see an Olympic champion who enjoys a little bit...what is the big deal about how evil and unhealthy cannabis is??

I'm sure if Jesus came back, if he enjoyed a little wine, he would also talking to his apostles over a communal J or bong! Bush , Carter, Clinton all enjoyed the forbidden herb...
"Addressing the economic and social situations which encourage people to use and sell drugs is critical. But it is also important to take advantage of changing public attitudes in order to do away with hypocritical drug policies that undermine public faith in an impartial justice system and disproportionately harm segments of society which are already teetering on the brink of collapse. Public apologies like those issued today by Phelps ring hollow because he will not be persecuted for his actions by either a court of law or the court of public opinion. The fact the he feels he must apologize is simply an effort to pay homage to past American morays that no longer impact private behavior. But those morays still impact drug policies, policies that continue to hurt citizens to this very day. Some steps to mitigate the worst impacts of these broken laws, like those governing sentencing for crack/cocaine offenses have been taken in recent years. Let's hope that President Obama, who saw the impact of bad drug laws first-hand in Chicago, will continue these reforms""
so why is it illegal??"


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