Passion Flower was named after Jesus....hmmm..I buy it and put it in my bicycle cart along with a pot of catnip and the next day my flower blooms in the image of Jesus

Just kidding...

But it was so cool about signs...
We have our passion now ..our flower

our child... each day he smiles a little more and moves his head a little more...we have lazy almost idyllic days... we went shopping at the Oasis and we felt more a family than ever before!

I thought about which image of Jesus I should show??

..and then thought of the Okie they imagine if Jesus came back he would drink beer and go hunting with them!

My wife really believes in Jesus. I figure that I am waiting for his second appearance...and then I think about God...

He is easier to fathom than Jesus walking on water and turning the lake into wine!

I buy some passion fruit and I put it on the ice cream and cheesecake...mmmmm....


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