Merry Xmas to friends and family!!....

"Greetings Garvald from the land of the lost. Rafeal here Wednesday 24, 2008 colorado springs cl, my brother's house. Eroine and i have added one more boy, Vander, to our family and Aiden is doing great. Your son looks beautifull, Hope all is well in the land of waves and beaches. Is your bike
still running? Hows Father-hood? When did you escape? Hope to here from you."

Wow!! That is so cool that you have a new boy! compardre, Miguel!
When did he arrive into this world?
It's funny that almost a year and a half ago in summer before I met my wife ...
I was visiting your family in that high oasis in the middle of the desert of Arizona
over a few tokes over the line
we were chatting
about the possibilities of me being a father..
I believe you put the idea of having a child in my mind since Aiden was born
I thought about how it changed your life
and now it is changing ours!

We finally escaped the "land of the the lost" in early September to have our baby and work on becoming full time Aussies! :)

I was just thinking about you guys and I lost your old number with the old cell phone ..

My bike and Buffy are with the inlaws. I had to build an outdoor pen for her.

I've bought a mountain bike here and it runs great... I do all of our family shopping by the vehicle so we don't have to be slaves to autos and have a fantastically low carbon imprint..

"Land of the lost is a great way to discuss the screwed up way greed and capitalism have destroyed the disorganized states of America!
Write another comment, Raphael!

....mmmm....coool...I have some epiphanies and thoughts that need to be written down... Time keeps accelerating,,,,,
I wake up to the baby crying...we are both exhausted ...I go for a swim and bike...
come back surf.... write on this journal only what I feel like telling you about...
The New Year is aproaching...and we have to


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