Each day I get excited about coming back to see you...those that for today decided to come into our lives in paradise ..
I decide which pic to throw out there into the blog ocean...to see if there any bites??
I see I get about 5-10 views each day...I reckon there might be 2 or 3 from KC...
then a few from Europe looking prograstination...

I was worried that I wouldnt be able to talk to you as I prograsstinate from taking the bike ride up to meet the rest of my family at Pac Fair...
I don't worry so much when it's my honey's tax refund check...Im happy that the yank dollar has a little more equitable bang for the buck...so #$900 is worth about 1400 Aussie...

Each day while surfing and going through my morning routines of a liter of coffee and local milk with the local honey

take a load off my mind

until I finally get out for my morning swim with all the sun lotion...

I decide to cook lunch and put up with Ellen Degenerate hitting on all of her beautiful female guest with the same dance routine that she uses on her new subservient wife!!

Now she is on her power routine of prima donna talk show hosts!! dont get me started!!

ppp pass ;)

or pass by the day a little longer while I type to you and

then switch the channel to the view

just to get your dose of the local politics

listening to the really cute right wing Hasselbach give her right wing rehearsed voice box

often overpowered by the other 3 more open minded liberal thinkers....


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