Someone from LA did a search for "David Cogswell USC" and my site comes up to the "Bipolar Saloon"...
I guess someone was curious was about George Bush's childhood where he evolved from blowing up frogs to blowing up the middle east!
"DAVID COGSWELL - We are talking now about a guy who as a kid put firecrackers in frogs and threw them into the air to watch them explode. ..."

Of course, we have less than 10 weeks of this bastard, Bush, who will get by without any consequences for the millions of lives he's destroyed...just as there were none for George Sr. and his grandfather, Prescott Bush, for loaning millions to the Nazis and stealing Geronimo's skull!
Republicon revised history doesn't tell the whole story of how Bush Sr. really ran the bureaucry and paperwork of the administration while Reagan's alzheimer's slowly invaded his brain. He could still do a good job acting liking a great president while Nancy and Daddy George sr., took care of everything else! With Daddio of the Bush dynasty, vps became very powerful in the evolving neocon administrations with the exception of Quayle, since Daddio controlled the shots. Daddy Bush made a great move for their botomless pockets defending the rich sheiks of Kuwait from Saddam (we actually helped helped create the Frankenstein monster, Saddam. The Neocon brain team was the Frankenstein!)

We have to be really careful and let the public know about the true history of these pricks that somehow float to the top the way shit does in a whirling cesspool. Because of how he looked so much like his father, someone of his incompetence managed to become president and steal a very close election!


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