Some one did a search for Brian Truong, Okie Orchids and again my site comes up in the top 5 for phrases with the word, Okie,!
Maybe it's a little of my OCD nature where I am very curious about how new readers can find my site! The biggest search word where my site comes up number 1 is prograsstination or prograstination!
As usual, I love to prograsstinate as I prayed for a little creative inducement herb...
I thought, most laborers probably know other blokes who enjoy the medicinal health benefits and can make a little beer $ for their expensive brew habit! SURE ENOUGH, WHEN I PRAY FOR SOMETHING REASONABLE,,,,IT HAPPENS!! I walked over to where the next palatial mansion is being built (less than 5o meters from my southern facing window) and decided to chat with several plasterers on their break at the entrance of the beach (about less than every 100 meters are beach pathways unlike the states who privatize their own beaches!)...conversation wandered specifically to legalization of herb and where can one find some of "Puff, the Magic Dragon"
BJ , a young bloke barely out of school, was pointed out by what appeared to be the group leader... BJ came through and came by with a little ganja to obviously make my evening of parental epiphanies...
Later I got to have a conversation with my cousin's young 21 years old son,Sam, who's staying over next door in his extended familie's beach flat (both of our flats have the same marvellously long 2o something foot view of our Pacific backyard!! I remember seeing all of Louises' sons and daughter about 17 years ago when I was Angela's age...Time flies and during this evening's herbal epiphanies, I realized more and more how lucky we are to finally enjoy our familys' (from both Mom and Dad's sides) Mermaid Beach...I asked him about helping me to let the other relatives of Mom's side of the family to come down for a reunion!!
Angela is now taking an extended power nap while I type away talking away to the variety of readers from around the world especially in their searches for certain words and phrases!!

One phrase, Hobbit Woman, would be ocassionally be searched. My site would sometime come in peoples' searches.
Now, about 4 years after I wrote about the article about the tiny race of humans, this movie about this species is coming up on ABC tonight at 8:30..
We will have to go eat earlier tonight so we can come back in time for the show...and tomorrow are the elections!! What an exciting time!

I thought the following pics of celebs stuck in this " great state or what" might amuse you?


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