Neocon Nemesis: Original thought!

I couldn't resist putting the evil face of Cheney at the front of this post about neoconservatives.

"Quote: Originally posted by Hy Colonic
#1 - Having an original thought?

That is probably what neoconservatives fear the most.
These folks listen to Rush and Fox and only use talking points that you have heard by the right ad infinitum.
They listen to these hot air egotists and suddenly they think they have all the arguments plugged into their little brains to respond to liberals ( what they call anyone who disagrees with Bush or Fox)
If you get away from their standard talking points, they don't know how to respond so they call you a liberal lunatic or worse
they will try to find out your real name and even go as far as to find out your career! They will attempt to say anything in their attempts to destroy your credibility..
If that doesn't work, they will finally ban your IP
so now my laptop can't even pull up
ONLY two words come up

they (neoconservative thought) have mastered the Rovian technique of succesfully swiftboating anyone that disagrees with their way of rationalizing their right wing thought..

What is scary is these fascists could be back controlling the government in 4 years!

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I mistakenly put instead of because of my mistake people come across my site when they do a search for it with their mistaken name!


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