A picture is worth a thousand words....

while getting herbalized on the expensive herbal medication

the creativity pours out...

thoughts inspired to search for words

that inspire more pics

created in the brain

and then visualized

you capture the thoughts with a photograph or drawing??

It's about an hour before dawn

while my reality changes

we are the dawn of a new beginning...

A song that has haunted me with bittersweet love memories

infused with a new found love for my son

while he sleeps in the bassinette

soundly dreaming after tasting the mother's milk I gave the angelic cherub...

He was crying so hard a few moments ago...

and now he feels the cool subtropical breezes permeating through my cousin's flat


We are here at the Parthenon because of an incident in time 42 years ago...

as a child you decided to check out the haunted fibro mansion

serving as a boarding house for young students from Russia??

all you see is the money that the green transparent coke bottles will bring!!

threepence for each bottle

two toy soldiers for 2 shillings!

You will be able to have extra for a small ice cream cone or a milkshake

Next thing, Dad is questioning you about the place in front of Uncle Ron and the rest of the extended family...

Am in in trouble??

I explain the whole breakdown of the big old 2 story haunted mansion with thin fibro walls towering on top of the beach dunes...

Brother, Ron, thinks that the frame of the building shares the same basic design as the Greek Parthenon...

My uncle's family and my family buy the place!!!

Was it all because of your seeing money in those gorgeously green coke bottles....??

You smile with anticipation of the toy soldiers??

You had no clue that you would own your home 42 years from that magic moment of excited anticipation!!!

You sneak in through a little hole in the outside wall just above the outside stairs!!

You have opened up your future residence in paradise with that one little glimpse into the unknown future home of your new Australian family!

It's about an hour before dawn


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