My wife said that it was the most excruciating pain that she ever felt in her life. She wanted an epidural but it was too late after she was induced with a natural hormone gell, called Prostaglandin at 930 the previous evening. We arrived the night before about 8 pm at John Flynn hospital.
(Vaginal prostaglandin gel - a hormonal gel which is applied to the cervix to encourage it to soften and open. It can take between six and 18 hours for the gel to take effect and trigger labour. Dilators inserted into the cervix may also be used.)
"It feels like your eyeballs are gonna pop out of your head any minute."
At about 1, I was woken up with her next to me in the small bed demandiing an epidural. The midwife came and gave her some tylenol like medicine. Then Angela sat in the shower stool for about an hour.... about 3 or 4 , we were moved from our room to the birthing suite... at the time, only one midwife was there to help us out. Angela went to the toilet about 4 am
"The bloody show happened."
You females know what that is about.
At first she was on the bed but we soon moved to the small hot tub. Another midwife arrived to help turn on the warm water for us and make sure it was about body temperature. We both got into the tub while Angela was screaming bloody murder! I had a watch and saw that her contractions of extreme pain were about 2 minutes apart. I sat in there with her at first until the battery went dead on the videocamera. The other midwife was filming some of it but she had to find the signed release to videotape the birth.
We fortunately had the other digital camera which also takes movies. So I got out of the tub and I took over the filming. Doctor Dolittle (Doolabh) finally arrived and told me the baby was due any minute.Sarah did most of the work while we kept Angela focused on breathing through her nose while continually sucking on the laughing gas.
I was worrying that I wasn't going to film catching Colin's first moments of this world! Fortunately most of it was on film. I wish that someone could help us put it all the computer so we could send it to you and our relatives!

Angela went on all 4s and made several of the largest excruciating grunts in her final contraction while his head started to appear! I was worried that his head would bump up against the side of the tub. The doctor helped guide him out while attached to his umbilical cord. He set him on her chest for skin to skin contact.
Angela had the biggest look of relief !!
I was so proud of her. She smiled and said "I love you" after I said "I love you" .
I was told to cut the umbilical cord while they took pictures of the process!

We went out into the suite with large windows everywhere. The sun was coming up over the Coolangatta bay. We had the most gorgeous view of the coast being high up on a hill with the most fantastic view! Nothng could have been more spectacular about the whole event. It was like staying at a 5 star luxury hotel with great food from Tuesday to Saturday!
Colin Murray Garvald was born on the 29th, the same day as Angela's son, John. He was born coincidentally one day before my neice and nephew's birthday! (to be continued)


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