I'm a Daddy!

We just came back from John Flynn hospital. We are exhausted but it was wonderful to recuperate in such a wonderful 5 star place with such a fantastic view of the Coolangatta beach and airport. It was obviously a sign when the sun came up right after Angela's 45 minute labour of love. It was the most excruciating pain of her life but it was well worth it for her and the baby to experience it instead of being medicated with drugs. I sat behind in the beginning of labor in the hot tub which was kept about body temperature. It relieved so much pain as soon as she went into the tub but she was still screaming her lungs off in 2 minute intervals! Colin Murray was born at 5:19 am October 29th!
Maybe reality still hasn't set in about being a daddy but I'm just trying to take one day at a time as I fall in love with our baby and realize he is my flesh and blood!

I filmed the last ten minutes of labor and saw him come out of Angela. I am so proud of her...Hopefully I will figure out how to put pictures of the baby on the internet.!
I am getting very tired so I write more with a much more detalied account of the birth later!


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