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I lived in Oklahoma for 30
Submitted by garvald on Sun, 2008-11-09 22:17.
I lived in Oklahoma for almost 30 years out of sheer stupidity... I was told that it was a good ole boy state when I first arrived. A few very powerful people control the state and deliberately keep folks poor and ignorant so that they can keep control. As long as folks are uneducated, they will believe the front page anonymous editorial of the Daily Oklahoman!The plantation economy has been successful for over a century in the south and in Oklahoma.It appears that the neoconservative movement which started in the 60’s has adopted the successful (for the powerful few) plan of Oklahoma in a much wider scale. They have achieved what Oklahoma achieved . The disparity between the rich and poor has continued to increase in the US. The rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle and stay undereducated. Little money goes to public schools! The powerful few want folks to be continually in debt to the metaphoric "store".While I lived in this state, others were paying to the only "store" in town. I refused to buy the daily disappointment, buy cable, and saved on natural gas by having free solar hot air panels ( they were a tax credit under a more liberal government). I would not buy cable from the only cable company or buy the daily paper from the only paper in town. It seems that greed benefits those who grab their “store” first or "sooner" than others so do that they can disallow any competition. It is funny how Rush Limbaugh replaced the other talk radio on KTOK to have a monopoly in Oklahoma of conservative radio! That became the only talk radio “store” in town!
And we wonder why Okies always vote in the party that is worst for their pockets??
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I have successfully escaped the grips of the okie zone and I’m now living on the Gold Coast of Australia now! I wonder how many others have escaped the state tired of close-minded redneck fundamentalism with right wing Christianity being the only religious store in town??.Yesterday, while riding my bike in the park along the beautiful Pacific surf, I said hello to a sour faced middle aged lady wearing an Oklahoma Sooners shirt. She didn't even say and kept walking not even looking up. Most friendly Aussies even greet strangers with a smile. I guess maybe she hasn't lived here long enough to lose the sour attitude and learn how to smile. Living in Oklahoma can do that to you!
I don't want to be living with unfriendly rednecks that love Bush any longer. It would be bad news to be stuck in Oklahoma at 50!


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