My cheery cheeky regards to the departing neoconservative administration!

Neoconservative Newsbuster's ass. editor Noel Sheppard >>

My cheery cheeky regards to the departing neoconservative administration!

When I pull up this hilarious site run by Mathew Sheffiel and Noel Coward with Brent Bozo Bozell taking credit for the farce,

the following few words comes up on my computer in a similar fashion to what they did to censor the school district access fearing that teachers would expose the right wing corporate controlled media!

They banned the whole IP for the school district a couple of years ago for a few months ...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_get_path() in /services/web/virt/

/docs/modules/ troll/troll.module on line 74

These right wing fanatics need to be exposed for exactly for what their plans are for fucking up the universe along with making sure the country goes down the tubes!
puter from pulling up the site.

It is so hilarious. Newsbusters is so scared that I will do cut and pastes of their interpretations of the
"liberal media!!"
it was so well brought to the attention of the ignorant gullible redneck public by rush limblob!!
Now when I attempt to see their articles, I see the above , instead of just "access denied"

It is so funny that they put troll twice in their response....
The future totalitarian government would control acess to media in the same way!!!
It parallels George Orwell's character who was watched continually by the state...
they would love to control your computer and see every bit of literature that you write so that they could send you off to a Guantanemo prison to brainwash you to be poor and ignorant like the rest of the proletariat!


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