From the Huffington Post:
"As we've learned throughout the last ten years, it only takes some persistent badgering and a series of red "SHOCK!" headlines for the crazy to travel by osmosis into the mainstream.
So we're in for many more years of insanity from the far-right. They're not dead. They're not as irrelevant as they deserve to be. And they certainly don't suffer from writer's block when it comes to outlandish and illogical attacks and smears.
Put it this way, if President-elect Obama so much as takes a long weekend off this August, you can bet that the far-right will crap their cages about Obama being lazy and shiftless"

Bob Cesca

There is no point in arguing or debating with these closeminded red staters. They have a voice in the right wing media to rationalize the reason why they vote or believe the same way. I saw how folks were regurgitating Rush Limblob's finest talking points for almost 2 decades in Okiehoma!
This is exactly what I have been ranting about the last 4 years! First, I have been living in the right wing redneck red state Oklahoma...where it was not physically safe to criticize Bush in a bar...There is right wing fanatical fundamentalist bent in so many when you debate them. It passes on into their minds so that even my mom and dad in law believe that Barack Hussein Obama must be connected with the evil Muslims because of his middle name. My mother in law voted for Mcsame because that is the good "Christian" thing to do!


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