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What can I say?? hmmmm....
any relationship goes through ups and downs
My baby has a chance to go on a tax refund spending spree...
I just worry that we can keep the modest expenditure of lower middle class beach bums....
I have herbal induced delusions of writing a bestseller when I see how great the pics are with the verbage of words!!!

"Imagine the Republican image of Jesus coming back in a gas guzzling bubbamobile with 6 behemoth tires, a rifle in the gunrack, and Bush/Cheney bumper sticker replaced by McSame and Palenface for 2008!"

Things are looking up at whatever God is on our side (??) I dont have the image of this kind of Jesus coming back from 2000 years ago....This republicon neoconkristian version believes that he would also have a chainsaw to make sure to make the desert even more totally devoid of trees.... Making room for the suburbs of Bethlehem for all of His flock to come pay their homage to him preach the Bible!
Today I realize more and more how lucky we both are!!
When I forget about all the things I should be doing and focus how happy and lucky we are together..! We are blessed to have the most beautiful angelic looking boy! He is so healthy and having a water birth makes him even more agreeable...I hope...

Today a huge storm came in from the mountains rushing over the coast...we could see it get dark and look as ominous as an Okie Tornado fixing to inflict the wrath of mother nature on the natives!
Ok for one brief mom ent I will show you my face before it loses it's anonymity....

I think what better favor could God give to a family ??
a little over a year ago last summer before I met my angel,
bringing up a family in Oz was the furthest thing from reality in life...
I had no clue I could be so happy!!

a little share of Hedges Avenue, on the beach, absolute beachfront, the waves are mine!@!!

Is this my second trimester??
all this swimming every day has barely made a dent in my belly...

Ps the ocean is behind me...

all I can say is

"Wish you were here!"

and thanking you george bush for making me realize we need to be in another country where the folks aren't so stupid to vote for the most retarded president in history twice in a row!
Another dreary day during cyclone weather here on the Gold Coast. We are getting ready for the adventure of shopping at Pacific Fair while we have to brave the elements and hopefully don't have to walk home in a cyclone with little Colin Murray...He is sleeping now so we can work out our rests and breaks during these times...
We have to get on to a better schedule with our ADD so we can plan out our ventures better and deal with the accidental shit outbursts. Today it exploded out of his diapers all over my angel's black pants instead of on our bed...
We are developing a system so we won't be on each other's backs so often...
I suppose that both of us get cabin fever when it's raining the whole week with nowhere to go in the rain... I thought that I could lighten up the mood with these pics!

"2.3m great white shark was pulled ashore off Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast yesterday, after getting caught in a shark net." was caught by the baited hook that they leave on buoys intermittently along the coast,
Tourists are lead to believe that the shark net is all across the coast but there are only nets at various spots along the coast so sharks can go on both sides of the nets.
They hope that if the rogue bull shark comes close to shore because of the whale migrations he will be attracted to the bait left anchored at various spots along the coast.

Here is another article about the episode:
Great white washes up on beach
October 18th, 2008
GOLD Coast City Council lifeguard Dave White found himself in a scene straight from the movie Jaws when he spotted a buoy and then a fin moving off Mermaid Beach yesterday. See the photos
COUNCIL lifeguard Dave White found himself in a scene straight from the …
TODAY is drizzly and time for the fatal great white sharks!

So I will just have a quick swim before they can smell my cheeks! Coast shark attacks - statistics and related information
Since the instigation of the Shark Control Program by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries in the 1960s, sharks are rarely sighted on open surf beaches (perhaps once every six months) and there has not been a fatal shark attack off a Gold Coast ocean beach since 1964. However, shark sightings in the canals are very common and since 2002 there have been two fatal shark attacks in canals and inland lakes.
The following table shows the number of recorded shark attacks on the Gold Coast, where the attack took place, the nature of the injury, what the person was doing at the time, the time of day, species of shark and other relevant information whe…
Executive privilege!

Imagine George Jr. after a hard night drinking. He gets up and has his morning quart of coffee on the White House trailer trash porch ..
using executive privilege on preventing the blocking of emissions in California
Hell...A man ought to pass gas anywhere he wants in his country he fought for!!

while taking a load of his mind!
Why not have some Bush beer in case you get thirsty sitting out in the heat!
Best thing for a hangover!
Another dawn in paradise. My window to the Pacific!
Full Moon with sky writing!
I walk down my backyard for a swim every morning and evening!
A picture is worth a thousand words....

while getting herbalized on the expensive herbal medication

the creativity pours out...

thoughts inspired to search for words
that inspire more pics
created in the brain
and then visualized
you capture the thoughts with a photograph or drawing??

It's about an hour before dawn
while my reality changes
we are the dawn of a new beginning...

A song that has haunted me with bittersweet love memories
infused with a new found love for my son
while he sleeps in the bassinette
soundly dreaming after tasting the mother's milk I gave the angelic cherub...

He was crying so hard a few moments ago...
and now he feels the cool subtropical breezes permeating through my cousin's flat

We are here at the Parthenon because of an incident in time 42 years ago...
as a child you decided to check out the haunted fibro mansion
serving as a boarding house for young students from Russia??
all you see is the money that the green transparent coke bottles will bring!!
threepence …
What can I say other than we deserve it!! I have been waiting so long to have my Mermaid Beach in my backyard!
By learning from the example of our winged guides, all of us can feel empowered to take on daring challenges as we chart adventurous courses. Feel the strength of others moving alongside you, as their presence lends power to your wings during this journey across the sky of life. When buffeted by unexpected gusts, we can choose to find refuge in the loving shelter of friends and family. We may even marvel as an otherwise difficult day passes by like a swift wind, as a kindred spirit charts a way for us through the clouds and rain ahead. If your wings begin to ache on your journey, look around for somebody else to fly at the front for a while. All of us move faster when we move together. Let your ego drop earthwards as we all soar ever higher.What do you think...
I couldn't resist republishing this quote that seems to parallel our lives!!

"beginning of a great adventure"

"it might be great to have a kid that I could kick around
a little me to fill up with my thought
A little me or he or she to fill up with my dreams
a way of saying life is not a loss
I'd keep the tyke away from school and tutor him myself
keep him from the poison of crowd
But then again pristine isolation might not be the best idea
It's not good trying to immortalize yourself
Beginning Of A Great AdventureBeginning Of A Great Adventure
Why stop at one, I might have ten, a regular TV brood
I'd breed a little liberal army in the wood
Just like these redneck lunatics I see at the local bar
with their tribe of mutant inbred piglets with cloven hoovers
I'd teach them how to plant a bomb, start a fire, play guitar
and if they catch a hunter, shoot him in the nuts
I'd try to be as progressive as I could possibly be
as long as I didn't have to try too much
Beginning Of A Great Adventure
Beginning Of A Great Adventure
Susie, Jesus, Bogart, Sam Leslie, Jill and JeffRita, Winny, Andy, …
Ok "Ich bin ein dichtes ass!!"
but that is the only way we can survive and be bums for a year and have the freedom to just concentrate on being parents...
. aber das ist die einzige Art, wie wir überleben können und werden Bums für ein Jahr und haben die Freiheit, nur auf die Eltern ....
posted by Randy Hayes at 7/15/2008 11:59:00 AM

I couldn't resist doing a cut and paste of my blog in German! I am amazed how computers can do such a perfect translation into German! I wish that I could write and speak German as well as this!!

My cheery cheeky regards to the departing neoconservative administration!

Neoconservative Newsbuster's ass. editor Noel Sheppard >>

My cheery cheeky regards to the departing neoconservative administration!

When I pull up this hilarious site run by Mathew Sheffiel and Noel Coward with Brent Bozo Bozell taking credit for the farce,
the following few words comes up on my computer in a similar fashion to what they did to censor the school district access fearing that teachers would expose the right wing corporate controlled media!
They banned the whole IP for the school district a couple of years ago for a few months ...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupal_get_path() in /services/web/virt/

/docs/modules/ troll/troll.module on line 74

These right wing fanatics need to be exposed for exactly for what their plans are for fucking up the universe along with making sure the country goes down the tubes!
puter from pulling up the site.

It is so hilarious. Newsbusters is so scared that I will do cut and p…
wow!! I am so lucky...we are so lucky!! starting a family in the best place I can think of...
This is paradise!!
And I love Oz and the people so much more!!
I feel ownership here...I guess I can say that I am happier than I have been in such a long time..
The memories of chilhood keep coming back when I used to romp , surf and play on the beach!!
I never thought that this would materialize but it is everything that I fantasize life could be just being beach bums~~~
I see the way this government is so much more helpful for folks encountering disaster...
The primininister, Kevin Rudd, was there immediately in Brisbane telling exactly what the government could do to help the folks with many homes destroyed by the hurricane...
Brisbane is only about 60 miles inland from here on the Gold Coast!
I compare this to the way our current neocon government did such a shitty job attempting to help the poor folks of New Orleans!
There is no comparison!

The choice is obvious, I need Colin Murray Garvald to see…

"Americans Rejected 'Drill, Baby, Drill' -- Bush Should Respect Our Choice"

The Bush Neocons are trying to slip this by the people. They will do their best to continue fucking up the environment the way they have been successful in doing so for the last decade! <-(When did Republicans start believing Jesus would carry a gun and love to chop down trees??)

Americans Rejected 'Drill, Baby, Drill' -- Bush Should Respect Our Choice
by Robert Redford from the Huffington Post

Part of the change Americans just voted for in overwhelming numbers was to move away from the failed energy philosophy of "drill, baby, drill" to a more farsighted strategy, emphasized by Barack Obama, based on clean, renewable energy and efficiency. Yet on the very day that we raised our voices for change, the Bush administration dragged us in the opposite direction.
The Bureau of Land Management cynically chose November 4 to announce a last-minute plan to lease huge swaths of majestic wilderness in eastern Utah for oil and gas extraction one month before President-elect Obama …
This is an example of Australia's racist past. I thought that it might be of interest.

Believe it or not, there is a large mountain still called "Mt. Niggerhead"! I am afraid to say it for fear of being labelled a racist myself. Amazing but true!

It has been raining here all day on the coast and I'm not in the mood for writing very much. I guess that I could say that I am a little bored but I went for my daily swim regardless of the rain and changed the diapers for Colin early in the am. I talked to brother Ron and he told me how great fatherhood is!...other than that I wish that I had a little herb ;)

Neocon Nemesis: Original thought!


I couldn't resist putting the evil face of Cheney at the front of this post about neoconservatives.

"Quote: Originally posted by Hy Colonic
#1 - Having an original thought?

That is probably what neoconservatives fear the most.
These folks listen to Rush and Fox and only use talking points that you have heard by the right ad infinitum.
They listen to these hot air egotists and suddenly they think they have all the arguments plugged into their little brains to respond to liberals ( what they call anyone who disagrees with Bush or Fox)
If you get away from their standard talking points, they don't know how to respond so they call you a liberal lunatic or worse
they will try to find out your real name and even go as far as to find out your career! They will attempt to say anything in their attempts to destroy your credibility..
If that doesn't work, they will finally ban your IP
so now my laptop can&…
My wife said that it was the most excruciating pain that she ever felt in her life. She wanted an epidural but it was too late after she was induced with a natural hormone gell, called Prostaglandin at 930 the previous evening. We arrived the night before about 8 pm at John Flynn hospital.
(Vaginal prostaglandin gel - a hormonal gel which is applied to the cervix to encourage it to soften and open. It can take between six and 18 hours for the gel to take effect and trigger labour. Dilators inserted into the cervix may also be used.)
"It feels like your eyeballs are gonna pop out of your head any minute."
At about 1, I was woken up with her next to me in the small bed demandiing an epidural. The midwife came and gave her some tylenol like medicine. Then Angela sat in the shower stool for about an hour.... about 3 or 4 , we were moved from our room to the birthing suite... at the time, only one midwife was there to help us out. Angela went to the toilet about 4 am
"The bloody…
From the Huffington Post:
"As we've learned throughout the last ten years, it only takes some persistent badgering and a series of red "SHOCK!" headlines for the crazy to travel by osmosis into the mainstream.
So we're in for many more years of insanity from the far-right. They're not dead. They're not as irrelevant as they deserve to be. And they certainly don't suffer from writer's block when it comes to outlandish and illogical attacks and smears.
Put it this way, if President-elect Obama so much as takes a long weekend off this August, you can bet that the far-right will crap their cages about Obama being lazy and shiftless"
Bob Cesca

There is no point in arguing or debating with these closeminded red staters. They have a voice in the right wing media to rationalize the reason why they vote or believe the same way. I saw how folks were regurgitating Rush Limblob's finest talking points for almost 2 decades in Okiehoma!
This is exactly wha…

Access Denied from

The Right Wing Jesus's place of blogging?

You talk about censorship in the right wing media. I mentioned a question,
Wasn't Fox news gushing over Bush when he won the election?"

After the right wing fascist site was suffering from severe depression and anger to the point of almost being homicidal! (So this bloke, Mathew Sheffield was born dur ing heheheydayoofReaganomics?? tdf :) These kids missed out on Vietnam and grew up gung ho about war..what motivates these fools??
Access Denied
were the only written on the screen when I pulled up newsbusturds!

The site loved to give it out when the liberals lost with Gore thanks to a stolen election
and then did the same by swiftboating Kerry on this site.
Now they take anger when their man is not elected...
They all suffer with anger t…
I thought that I would show you my revised letter to produced by Kurt

I lived in Oklahoma for 30
Submitted by garvald on Sun, 2008-11-09 22:17.
I lived in Oklahoma for almost 30 years out of sheer stupidity... I was told that it was a good ole boy state when I first arrived. A few very powerful people control the state and deliberately keep folks poor and ignorant so that they can keep control. As long as folks are uneducated, they will believe the front page anonymous editorial of the Daily Oklahoman!The plantation economy has been successful for over a century in the south and in Oklahoma.It appears that the neoconservative movement which started in the 60’s has adopted the successful (for the powerful few) plan of Oklahoma in a much wider scale. They have achieved what Oklahoma achieved . The disparity between the rich and poor has continued to increase in the US. The rich get richer and the poor continue to struggle and stay undereducated. Little money goes t…
Someone from LA did a search for "David Cogswell USC" and my site comes up to the "Bipolar Saloon"...
I guess someone was curious was about George Bush's childhood where he evolved from blowing up frogs to blowing up the middle east!
"DAVID COGSWELL - We are talking now about a guy who as a kid put firecrackers in frogs and threw them into the air to watch them explode. ..."

Of course, we have less than 10 weeks of this bastard, Bush, who will get by without any consequences for the millions of lives he's destroyed...just as there were none for George Sr. and his grandfather, Prescott Bush, for loaning millions to the Nazis and stealing Geronimo's skull!
Republicon revised history doesn't tell the whole s…
Early some morning after Ive had plenty of sleep, I will figure out a way to add images of the shark that was swimming close by to moi?? Who knows how close?? tp://

I also wanted to leave an essay written by John Cusack...
His writing reminds me of someone like me who rambles a little too much:

"As I contemplated the real possibility of an Obama victory and listened to right wing pundits revise history still unfolding, I thought of titles for this blog:
"Neocon Logic: This Statement is Untrue""The Modern Free Market System is False But a New Revelation Shall Come"" They Would Feast on Themselves: All the Money's Gone, Nowhere to Go"I decided on:"No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies"
In the pre-capitalist reality, James Madison said when he put power in the hands of the business elite, he would be entrusting "enlightened statesmen and benevolent philosophers who would de…

Far , far, away from the descending nasty neocon empire!

Im getting up early...
or Im eventually going to bed for a long nap
while enjoying the the variety of mornings in our paradise!!
Ive been sipping a little coffee ...a little hesitant because I will be crashing shortly but enjoying the herbal creativity of the magical herb
folks are walking across the street and I would love to feel the freshest air after a long cleansing nightly rain.....
I chat with BJ happy knowing I will have an herbal buffet!!

"It's almost 8 as I laugh at the characters on newsbusters ...I see how they are getting prepared for giving Obama at least 4 years of hell...I feel I have to be careful about my posts or they will ban me again in reprisal for our Obama victory for leadership sans the Bushistas and Darth Cheney!;)
> Randy, If you go back to that thread, you will see my replies to blonde and rd helm. I think I did pretty good. Thanks for your support! I am Voting Straight Democrat Today!> > Im in Australia so I have a different time zone but let me…
"The Hobbit Enigma examines one of the greatest controversies in science today. Just what did scientists really find when they uncovered the tiny, human-like skeleton of a strange creature on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003?
Since the discovery was made public a bitter dispute has split the world of anthropology.
Are the bones a previously unknown and bizarre primitive species of human..."\

Wow!! and what a bummer...I just gave my total self as I wondered about my immediate and far distant ancestors...
my mind was with my great grandfather
I;m sure that he had many questions about this huge unexplored world of the mid to late 1800's..
David heard about the beautiful paradise of Oz from other mates wrote to him
Imagine in the 1840s and 1850s...Rather than suffer the cold damp winters of the Scottish coastal lowlands...why not take a boat and papers to explore an uncharted continent o…
Some one did a search for Brian Truong, Okie Orchids and again my site comes up in the top 5 for phrases with the word, Okie,!
Maybe it's a little of my OCD nature where I am very curious about how new readers can find my site! The biggest search word where my site comes up number 1 is prograsstination or prograstination!
As usual, I love to prograsstinate as I prayed for a little creative inducement herb...
I thought, most laborers probably know other blokes who enjoy the medicinal health benefits and can make a little beer $ for their expensive brew habit! SURE ENOUGH, WHEN I PRAY FOR SOMETHING REASONABLE,,,,IT HAPPENS!! I walked over to where the next palatial mansion is being built (less than 5o meters from my southern facing window) and decided to chat with several plasterers on their break at the entrance of the beach (about less than every 100 meters are beach pathways unlike the states who privatize their own beaches!)...conversation wandered specifically to legalization of h…

This is one of the many google searches!

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