We went to a birthing class for the second saturday at John Flynn Hospital. I feel good that we are getting the first class care at this hospital. We are both getting very anxious knowing that we are less than two weeks away from our son's scheduled birthdate on October 23rd. A lot of people I know were born in October. Alene was born on the 18th. My new stepson, John, was born on the 29th. He wants him to be born on the same day and I think that would be a more realistic time.

I don't feel very motivated to write and coincidentally, I have run out of the herb. That seems to motivate me much more to write. Maybe, If I know that this rambling could somehow turn into a book, I would write more!

We are so excited about him being born in Australia ..
we love this beach life!
there is the best tasting fruit within close walking distance at the Grower's Market..
I can swim in my backyard every morning...
we look outside and see this wonderful view every morning...
we will be able to qualify for free major medical provided by the government as soon as I get off my ass and start filling out all the paperwork to get dual citizenship....
and the people are so friendly
strangers open the gate to the my home on Hedges without me even asking
when something drops from my bike basket, they help me
I saw a young man drop his wallet in the crowded sidewalk of Surfer's Paradise and
a girl picked it up and ran to catch up and give it to the unknowing pedestrian

My wife and I were big hits at the birthing class with her Arkansas accent
and me helping the teacher demonstate the proper technique for breast feeding..

When she was asking what all the advantages for breast feeding were
I said how it makes the heads of breast fed babies better looking than bottle fed babies
and then my wife pulled off my Aussie hat and
said ,
"Check out his head!"


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