This is a very rough draft of the most epiphenous day on the GOld Coast...I am very herbalized and inebriated from Queensland’s 4x beer! I have so many ideas to write about and so little time to tell you about them!

700 am: seeing the whales in the calmest water after the was like a lake in early morning...
My angel and I saw the whales cavorting just beyond the intermittent shark nets laid out sporadically along our gorgeous gold goast!! We watched and videotaped them with glee as
the playground unfolded before us on the sea

8am: swimming in the most turquoise blue water contemplating severe disability as a result of my neck being broken in the tumble of the waves

9am: Angela gives a sigh,
“I’m tired of being a hippo. I’m getting on birth control”
As she anxiously await the induced birth on Tuesday or Wednesday…
“I can’t wait for Colin to come out!”
So I’m fixin brekkie
“I’m hungry, Garvald!

She sighs again…
After discovering my mate put another charge on her way overdue credit card
so I cook a home range organic omelette and serve her breakfast in bed ( she ran there to cry because I was a little peeved when she told me while I was on the reverse flushing Aussie loo…toilets flush the opposite way in the southern hemisphere)

10: watching the storm come in like an univited dinner guest that refreshingly changes everyone's attitudes like a cool crisp saltwater wave slapped into your face!

11: takin a matrimonial hike down millioaires' beach while snapping photos on your new digital camera!! watchin lifeguard in their red and yellow beanies body surf in the wild waves!!!

12: to be continued (after I take my honey to the surf clubs within a pedestrian's distance!!)
ok...surfing on the net, my angel takes a long nap

3pm: bike ride to the park and my bloodhound nostrils seek the sweet aroma of the forbidden herb...I park the bike and walk around the little dune forest and see a bloke puffin on the magic dragon…the universal etiquette is to share the doobie…I sit down and conversate with Scot Tarrant, a 32 year old tugboat skipper off the coast of British Columbia (one of the few legal havens for Marijuana!)
He just divorced and he’s free to go walkabout in Oz! He has his little place in B.C. beside a little 30 hectare lake…I offered a trade…He could stay at my flat and I could stay at his place enjoying new beautiful environments of the world…Of course, it would have to be in summer…Angela and I remember how gorgeous the neighboring state of Washington was with it’s gorgeous endless deserted beaches on the huge Olympia Island. It’s the beginning of Highway 101 which goes down the whole Pacific Coast through Oregon, California and ending in Baja California!
It had been so long since I’ve enjoyed Puff, the Magic Drag on! This creates continual epiphanies in my mind, and Scot falls victim to my rambling while I discuss the various stories that have made an impact on my life …such as the origination of the word, serendipity (from the isle of Serendip, finding a beautiful paradise when one least expects it ) see footnote at bottom...

to be continued....

Some of the alleged drug references in this song include the little boy's name, Jackie Paper, which stood for rolling papers; the "autumn mist," which was marijuana smoke, and the "land of Hanah Lee," which was the Hawaiian town of Hanalei, famous for its marijuana plants. Yarrow insists it had nothing to do with drugs and he didn't even know about pot in 1958. The drug rumors were fueled by an article in Newsweek magazine about hidden drug messages in pop music.


  1. This coming from one of the rudest bitches on newsbusters!
    "Fair warning, jeffy
    October 27, 2008 - 02:14 ET by Blonde
    This isn't DKos nor Huffpo.

    We neither encourage nor desire the likes of that last post of yours here.

    Keep it up at your own peril."


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