Thank you so much, LA! You really made my day and now I am so happy that I can chat with my 2 or 3 regular readers!! What would I do without her help in regards to my favorite hobby...writing to you on this blog!!

I am looking at the stormy but blue turqoise surf come right up to our backyard of dune vegetation!! The water is the highest that I've seen! (global warming)... A parasurfer is fearlessly flying and surfing down the coast.
I even risked my neck in this surf and it took me about a kilometer down the beach faster than I could run the distance! I attempted to body surf a wave after taking a long time to get past the powerful first two sets of waves! The wave dumped me into the deep water(fortunately it wasn't shallow while I tumbled around like a tiny ant.
I decided to stay calm and just enjoy the experience ..
then a while later out of breath I came up and calmly swam in...
My neck is a little sore, so I will rub a little glucosamine and capsicum ointment into it!!

We are going to induce the labor on Tuesday. We will go into John Flynn Hospital about 7 in the evening and they will insert a vaginal gel to bring on the labor the next day. Angela and her son, John, want it to be the 29th. That's his birthday! And it's about the same b'day as my neice and nephew, Dianna and Graham also another good friend (I think)!! Happy birthday, M!

It's funny how there are more people visiting my site looking for Prograstination than regular readers !!


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