"A 2.3m great white shark was pulled ashore at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast about 12.30pm (AEST) Friday after getting caught in a shark net."


Yesterday, I was swimming from Nobby Beach up to Mermaid Beach, when I heard the speaker from the lifeguard. I didn't realize that he was probably yelling at me.
I saw the life guard swimming on the rescue board up to the orange buoy further out in the surf. I thought that he was just fixing the orange buoy and had no idea that a shark became tangled with the anchor tied to it. Fortunately, they alway bait the bouys so that if sharks come close they will go for the bait. Otherwise, the shark could have gone for me while I was swimming with the current along the shore for a km or 2

wow!! that is so amazing, that I was so close to a killer from the deep..
The lifeguard told me that there have been no deaths along the coast for at least 30 years!

The other near death experience was Thursday when my sweetie told me that I dropped a receipt and I saw it ...I almost picked it up before the bus comes speeding by to pick us up!!
I look up and there is the bus!

Happppppy birthday,Alene



  1. Im not able to publish my blog again due to some error?? that hopefully will be rectified??

  2. It was a beautiful morning with the best waves for body surfing yet. Still frustrated that my new blogs won't be published. Who should I write to to get help??


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