Right wing rascist rednecks want to kill Obama!


It is so weird! Last night, Angela and I were talking about how Obama should easily win the election unless he get assasinated and it will be probably right wing extremists! How prophetic.

It is so scary in America how crazy folks and Mexican drug lords can so easily get firearms for mass killings. Michael Moore was right. It is safer in Canada. It's far safer here. It is much more difficult to acquire fire arms in Oz! That is a big reason why I want our son to live and grow up here. The US is falling apart and is in serious decline and fall. I much prefer for my taxes to go for medical care and infrastructure that the people use rather than for some stupid endless wars for a non renewable resource and to help the military industrial complex get rich!

The neocon party has incited dumb gun toting rednecks to carry out acts like this. If you listen to Palin's speeches about Obama being a terrorist you wonder how many other right wing zealots want to kill Obama?? So many have been indoctrinated by their right wing preachers! It's almost a militaristic view of god.
If you research how the neocon think tank took a hold of the right wing
fundamentalist TV shows such as the 700 club back in the mid 90's , you will see how they brainwashed a large portion of the religious right and then were easily swayed to vote for their neocon puppet, Bush.
I had been listening to many in Oklahoma who of course love Rush and then mention Jesus in almost the same breath.
I listened to my very religious Baptist mother in law too over the summer! She believes he is evil because his name is like Osama and his middle name is Hussein! Don't get me started!
Kristol wrote: “[C]onservatives and the Republican Party must embrace the religious if they are to survive.… Religious people always create problems since their ardor tends to outrun the limits of politics in a constitutional democracy. But, if the Republican Party is to survive, it must work on accommodating those people.”

P.S. Someone did a search for
Tulsa, Oklahoma arrived from google.com on "Escape the Okie Zone: News basturds angry over making fun of Ms. Piggy with lipstick!" by searching for dumb right wing okies.

and my site and Okiefunk came up so I wrote a comment about why I finally decided to get the fuck out of Okiehoma!
"Unlike small businesses, monopoly companies have no or very little interest in promoting true economic growth in Oklahoma. They simply sell their products in other states that have more people. There are a finite number of people who do or who will live here. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows there is nothing intrinsic in the profit motive for OPUBCO or Chesapeake to improve living conditions for the working poor here. OPUBCO just starts another company in Tennessee or wherever. Chesapeake sells natural gas wherever it can. Unfortunately, these companies exert a huge amount of power on the political process here. They want tax cuts for rich people and corporate immunity from lawsuits. But, do not fool yourself, the very last thing they care about is poor people or the uninsured"
from: http://www.okiefunk.com/node/285#comment-954

Here is another article about the right wing hatred and anger towards Obama! 12/24/08



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