October 22: slackitude
The act of, or state of being a slacker. Describes the attitude typically associated with being a slacker. Most appropriately applies to one with no responsibilities, one that gets by pretending to be hard at work, or the co-worker that is found hanging out near the coffee machine for most of the day.
ie: "I just can't tolerate that guy's slackitude! If I were his manager, I'd sack him, no doubt."

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I thought that I would add my definition of prograsstination:
Smoking too much herb early in the day causes one to feel like talking and writing for hours instead of working on daily survival needs for the family!

I would love for my blog to get published even though I get about 2-5 readers out there...
It is so frustrating when today is Angela's due date and I cannot even tell you about it...
We have the digital camera but both of has a lot of slackitude when it comes to sitting down and figuring out to work the camera...
We would rather just be beach bums enjoying the last few days of freedom from parenthood..
My sweetie is enjoying the sun, while I write to you and contemplate checking out the "Indy" at Surfers... We have our appointment with Dr. Doohlab and his cold midwife today. Hopefully, they will spend a little more time with us today and the secretary will have figured a better way to expedite our medical claims. I am almost out 10k in medical expenses. I will spend my American money now that the dollar is strong!


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