How many in this declining country believe this crap??

This is from the right wing fascist neoconservative site The scary thing is that probably a third of the brainwashed right wing fundamentalists really believe this. They actually think Bush prevented WW3!

this is from one of their loyal local idiots that will never get kicked of newsbusturds as long as he spews brainwashed rush limblob inspired fascist thinking!

Obama is evil, through and through (important, read on)October 8, 2008 - 00:28 ET by wdhorning

"President Bush helped to stop WW III by ordering troops into Iraq, a war Obama opposed (read on).
Look at what Iran is doing today. It is spinning up its yellowcake for the obvious purpose of making nuclear weapons.
Had Obama been president in 2003, instead of Bush, we would have nevergone into Iraq. Instead, Saddam would have soon kicked the IAEA out,and right now be spinning up his 600 tons of yellow cake, just like in Iran. (And 600 tons can make about 142 nuclear weapons.)
And as soon as Iran and Iraq both built enough nuclear weapons, the two countries would start WW III, destroy 1/3 of the world's energysources, making the current financial crisis look like a child's piggybank broke open or something compared to a world-wide economicdepression, and this all would have virtually tossed us back into the stone age, all thanks to a man named Obama.
(so easy even a caveman could get us into wwIII!! )

And to the rest of you traitors to the USA, the U.S. military, this past summer, pulled the 600 tons of yellowcake out of Iraq, and all Ihave to say to you traitors, if 600 tons of yellow cake, enough for 142nuclear weapons, is not WMD, what the hell is? You are morons!!!! And you are traitors for speaking against this war!!!! And you supported,de facto, WW III !!!!

???? can you believe this guy?? so when Bush confessed in early December while being interviewed it was a mistake....of course you hadnt seen your fuhrer say he was on a sinking ship??
Now for the really evil part of Obama. He went to visit his cousin inKenya in 2006, and made a really big speech to his cousin's followers,encouraging them to support his cousin. Before and after this event,his cousin has waged genocide in Kenya, killing and raping women and children, and even has burned alive church goers inside of churches,and he has driven the populations away from their lands and homes. His cousin is still operating in Kenya and still murdering people. Any person who supports a genocidal maniac like Obama's cousin, is himself,evil through and through, and that is Obama. There is no other explanation that fits this maniac, but that.
(where do they come up with this crap??)
There is clear evidence, per the Fox Hannity (Horse's ass Hannity??)
report on Sunday past,that Obama has given significant support to local Palesinian organizations in the Chicago area, who are not trying to bring a peaceful solution in Israel, but rather are supporting most of the ant-Israel terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Obama therefore lies when he says he will defend Israel. That is lie by the king of liars. If Obama wins, Israel can kiss its ass goodbye.
Let's just do a search for this! This is what I found :

Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian rights activist in Chicago who helps run Electronic Intifada, said that he met Obama several times at Palestinian and Arab American community events. At one, a 2000 fundraiser at a private home, Obama called for the U.S. to take an "even-handed" approach toward Israel, Abunimah wrote in an article on the website last year. He did not cite Obama's specific criticisms.Abunimah, in a Times interview and on his website, said Obama seemed sympathetic to the Palestinian cause but more circumspect as he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004. At a dinner gathering that year, Abunimah said, Obama greeted him warmly and said privately that he needed to speak cautiously about the Middle East.,0,5826085.story?page=2

so somehow the fox neocons distort it so that Obama is a friend of the palestinians??

With repect to un-repentent Bill Ayers -- Bill Ayers, in his own living room, helped Obamas start his political career, and prior to this Obama worked with Ayers for 4 years solid on "community organizing" efforts.This was no casual, chance meeting or two, this was a virtual conspiracy to help Obama rise up the ranks. And for what purpose should he become president? Help terrorists bomb targets in the US? Help destroy the USA from within? Start a race war? Start WW III? That is what it sounds like to me.
Obama eats, drinks, walks and talks, evil. He is a danger to the USA,and even to world stability. Elect him, and kiss your ass goodbye. "

This is a strong belief in the neofundamentalists. There is no sense trying to reason with their beliefs. It is very scary if another neocon like Bush or Palin that is gun happy takes over the government again!
"Obama has condemned Ayers's past through a spokesman.[5] After the controversy arose Ayers was defended by officials and others in Chicago. Mayor Richard M. Daley issued a statement in support of Bill Ayers the next day (April 17), as did the Chicago Tribune in an editorial.[31][32] Ayers remains on the Board of Directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago[33] Washington said it was "ridiculous to suggest there's anything inappropriate" about the two men serving on the foundation board.[1]
Michael Kinsley, a longtime critic of Ayers,[34] argued in Time that Obama's relationship with Ayers should not be a campaign issue: "If Obama's relationship with Ayers, however tangential, exposes Obama as a radical himself, or at least as a man with terrible judgment, he shares that radicalism or terrible judgment with a comically respectable list of Chicagoans and others — including Republicans and conservatives — who have embraced Ayers and Dohrn as good company, good citizens, even experts on children's issues." "Ayers and Dohrn are despicable, and yet making an issue of Obama's relationship with them is absurd." [35]
In August, the Obama–Ayers contact was mentioned in Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation, a book intended to defeat Obama's election campaign, and in conservative author David Freddoso's The Case Against Barack Obama, where he wrote that the situation raised questions about Obama's judgment and influences.[36] Chicago Tribune columnist and editorial board member Steve Chapman suggested that while Obama was "justly criticized for his ties" to Ayers, the coverage of that connection should be matched by equal coverage of John McCain's associating with convicted Watergate burglar Gordon Liddy.[37][38]
On September 9th, journalist Jake Tapper reported on the comic strip in Bill Ayers's blog explaining the misrepresented soundbite: "The one thing I don't regret is opposing the war in Vietnam with every ounce of my being....'When I say, 'We didn't do enough,' a lot of people rush to think, 'That must mean, "We didn't bomb enough s---."' But that's not the point at all. It's not a tactical statement, it's an obvious political and ethical statement. In this context, 'we' means 'everyone.'"[39]

Now to borrow a line for Rev Wright, and I mean no personal threat,I will leave that up to God, by soft prayer is "God damn Barrack Obama".
And remember, for 20 years, Obama heard racist, hate filled, "God damnAmerica" style preaching from Rev Wright.
(By the way, I have been toblack churches, where they love the Lord, and they do not preach likethis and guess what, these people are mostly not on welfare or anyother type of "fare" because the Lord has given them the inspiration toeducate themselves, work hard, and get ahead, and so do not needgovernment handout, and many whites and other nationalities oftenattend these churhes, too.)
Spread the word, folks. This man, Obama, is evil, through and through, his associations and support for evil people proves it.
- Obama is a "maniac"
- Obama is a threat to the peace and security of the USA
- Obama is a threat to the world's peace and security.
- Obama is out to completely destroy the US economy, by raising taxes on businesses so high, that the majority of businesses will fail. Whatgood is a personal tax cut, if you are out of work, because the companyyou once worked for is taxed out of business?
And then, if he succeeds in doing this to our economy, he will startscreaming that "capitalism is a failure," and start screaming "it needsto be replaced with socialism/communism", which is the plot probablyhatched in Obama's mind, with the help of his communist buddy, BillAyers.
Disclaimer: The above is my opinion, and may or may not be true.

well duh!!
It is really sad that these neocons want to grab onto anything to discredit someone even if it isn't true....That is why I want our son to be born in another country away from folks that will lie to win !
They are not aware of how the country is in serious decline with the neoconservative party!
Many rednecks will not admit being rascists but what if their leader is??

"During a discussion about energy, McCain punctuates a contrast with Obama by referring to him as "that one," while once again not looking in his opponent's direction (merely jabbing a finger across his chest). That's not going to win McCain any Miss Congeniality points. Nor will it reassure any voters who believe McCain is improperly trying to capitalize on Obama's "otherness."""

Ok....Now I am thousands of miles away from the states but I want to know so badly what is happening over there and what is happening to the American people..
especially hearing about how these greedy bank are going bankrupt, meanwhile the greedy bankers are taking a huge vacation in a tropical resort...
We are bailing them out with our tax dollars , while they continue to lap in luxury!!
and now I owe the IRA $3,000 since Mom and Dad did such a wonderful
job of earning money...
that I still can't touch, it...
yet I owe taxes on the interest that I never received!

I think we are penalized for saving money now in the United States....
None of my retirement annuities is earning any money...they have only been losing significant amounts of money...
Folks are spending so much money without thinking about the consequences!
If we save money for these disasters, Americans call them tightwads or Scrooge..
Our country fucked itself and now it has even been fucked worse by Bush and the Neocons!
We have to pay for this stupid war and this fucked up bailout...
While these rich bankers claim humongus salaries!
We have this philosophy of "buy now, pay later"
well now, we are paying...

I look across the ocean at night and then look up at the stars of the Southern Cross
while the clouds from the cooler south rush by
I have another herbal induced epiphany
when I walk outside to relieve myself in the empty lot which was once my family's
I imagined how wonderful it would be for us to still own this tiny strip of the beach ,
now worth millions...
All, I would want to do is to build a little beach shack so that it would be easy to wake up and run into the sea each morning
before I make brekkie for my family filled with fresh fruit direct from the local farmer
I only have to walk a block to get our food
We are happy and free to play...
with no financial worries...

If all of us would just try to live modest lives without causing a huge carbon imprint,
life could be so much easier and idyllic

but maybe that reality can at least happen for our family??
I realize how lucky we are to have this wonderful little spot on the beach even though it's on the second floor...I can't just walk out the screen door to the sea...I have to walk down the stairs first!,,just kidding..:)


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