Letter back to the States!

Sounds like life is all good for the T family! Did Angela have the babe yet? I can't wait to hear how the birthing process goes

Things are great.,M!..I just went for a km swim this morning before making lunch for us..
It’s so easy when the current is very strong. I did the same yesterday with Angela walking on the beach along the shore trying to keep up holding a towel for me. Then we walked back against the strong wind. I am looking at the surf now out the window beyond the dunes protected by the indigenous beach plants. Depending on low or high tide, it’s only about half a football field away from my daily run to body surf in the waves! I'm in great shape now. My blood pressure has come down significantly to 112/72!

...I am definitely thinking of you guys and hoping that everything goes as planned!

We are planning on having a water birth but Angela wants to have an epidural as a back up in case she has a panic attack. The hospital, John Flynn, is a first class hospital that is the best around for water births and it’s really first class with a great view of the coast . It is up on a hill. We have gone to two birthing classes on Sat mornings that were very thorough reassuring and educating us about the whole process. I even volunteered to sit in front of the class to help the midwife who was lecturing, on how to boobie feed! The class was in stitches! I held a fake breast and demonstrated using a baby doll in the proper position for the baby during feeding. Angela said that I was holding the baby wrong. The midwife showed me how to hold him with a pillow and have the special K position with his mouth so that it will be easier on the nipples!
The hospital is very good the way they stress a natural child birth and encourages breast feeding for 6 months or more. We will save lots of money on formula! We made friends with a couple in the class who took us to a baby fair where we saved hundreds of dollars on a jogging stroller, a bassinette, a Bjorn baby carrier, and lots of clothes!

Things here are the same. Not much new. We had fall break last week. And this week a water pump broke out there so NO SCHOOL Weds, Thurs, and Friday. So I am in the office mostly this week. Catching up on things. Hopefully I will be heading up to Durango in a few weeks with some friends. M is doing well. I just signed him up for the ACT. T is also doing well. He is really flourishing in the program at T. I am going to blow up and frame a picture of him from football season and we are having a small party to honor his graduation in a few weeks. That should be cool, but YOU should really be there too!

Did he play football this year? I wish that I could beam myself over there just to congratulate T at the party. Angela is rolling her eyes now at the thought of going back to Utopatchi.

“G, you have nightmares about the school! Why would you want to even visit?”

I had a funny dream about the place last night when we were all walking around a buffet with all the teachers and I left some paraphernalia on the table. Verna of course picked it up and said something to me in her usual derogatory fashion.
I was worried about getting into trouble until I woke up. ;)

Will the party for T be at school? Maybe you could take some pictures of him at the party?.. and by that time you might have some pics of Colin (Angela loves that name of my father’s. This way, we are carrying on the family tradition of being Aussie) to show everyone!! We bought a digital camera and hopefully can figure out how to send the pics, but we are both so mentally disabled when it comes to computers!
I am glad M is doing well. Is he planning on going to college?

Anyways, I should go. Send pictures if you can. Be glad you are not in this country right now. Things here are not good. Hopefully Obama wins, but even that is not going to fix the big, systemic problems that exist here.
Sorry this email was so delayed. I .will be better I promise! Love you both, M

I hope Obama wins too and the Aussie dollar is really weak now after the fiasco.
Angela would love to hear from you and get some therapy….just kidding. What is your phone number?
Love from Oz,
Angela and G and soon Colin,


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