Newsbasturds loves to give it out but will never be able to take it!

I suppose that I am no media expert but now that I have some extra time while looking out at my Mermaid Beach, I thought nothing better do than attack the attackers of a free press.
These neocon media pundits are scary!! ...
I wonder how many others see what could happen if there was another major terrorist attack.??
this would give the neocons a chance to really put us into a police state with about as much freedom as communist chinese have.. Fox is over there spreading half truths for the govt backed news produced by Rupert Murdoch's company

they banned me because they don't want to hear the truth ( the truth is left wing journalism according to Fox and other right wing supported news networks)

Here is one of their complaints about NBC...hmmm, I wonder what news is kept from Fox's "fair and balanced" perspective??

NBC Scrubs 'SNL' Anti-Democrat Bailout Skit From Website

By Noel Sheppard
(Bio Archive)October 7, 2008 - 01:01 ET

UPDATE: YouTube link to deleted video at end of post.
As NewsBusters reported Sunday, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" in its most recent installment did an extraordinary skit which amongst other things accurately blamed Democrats for the current financial crisis. (yepp of course)
Early Sunday morning, as is customary for NBC, the video of this sketch was posted at its website. Some time Monday, it was taken down without any explanation.
One possibility is that two of the targets in the skit, the founders of Golden West Financial who were mocked by "SNL" as having made billions selling subprime mortgages to unqualified borrowers, aren't happy with how they were portrayed. As reported by the Associated Press ..

Now why not make sure Fox News shows all of the skits making fun of Cheney and his rifle mishap??


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