I am looking out the window at the beautiful surf with a cool ocean breeze blowing on my face while I stare at the computer..I guess my concern now is how much sun tan I need to put on before I finally go for a swim...There is much less protection from the ozone layer over here..
Angel notices all the freckles on my face and how dark my back is getting!

We went shopping at a discount fair yesterday with a couple who were at the birthing classes with us..
We bought a jogging stroller, a bassinette, a baby bjorn carrier (it carries the baby on our stomachs if his neck is strong enough or we wait a month or two for him to get a little bigger) and a bunch of baby clothes!
We negotiated and saved several hundred dollars!
Other relationships would often get mad when I negotiated, but Angel has learned more about getting the most for our dollars and actually is happy about it!
We couldn't have bought these items without their help of our new friends since we don't have automobiles..Kees is a science teacher at a coastal school and Jay is a speech pathologist at John Flynn.
Kees says that they need lots of special ed teachers all around! Maybe, I will volunteer over at Broach Beach State School where I went to school as a child for a little while. That would be so cool if I could get a job at a place as convenient as there where I could walk or ride my bike everyday!
We love the fact that we don't have to worry about cars and traffic (especially since cars drive on the left side and we would have to learn how to negotiate roundabouts)
Well folks, I need to go for my daily swim. That is the only thing that I do religiously here.
My blood pressure is the lowest that it has been since my last visit. It was 112/71!
(speaking of religion, there are far less holy rollers here in Oz than in the states!) ANOTHER REASON TO STAY HERE!

Angela is hungry now so I need to take her to the Mermaid Beach surf club about 100 meters away.It's right on the beach above the surf club's surf/rescue equipment and their headquarters!
Mondays, they have $10 lamb or chicken roasts


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