Maybe I ought to cash in my traveller's checks and quit procrastinating in regards to filling out the medical claims...I almost wish that this happened a few months later where I barely drew even!!...but when you do an exchange you lose several cents of the dollar, so I might be lucky to pay 67cents for an Aussie buck instead of the real value of 61 cents!
Imagine that instead of paying $4 for a beer I'd only be paying 2.40..
(which is still a little high in the states and then depending on the hypoglemic mood of the angry intimidating bartendress, she might think me cheap for only giving her the remainder of the dollar as tip!
I hope that you angry bartendresses don't take it personally, but that is one of the great things here...Aussies don't have to tip because it's actually worked into the price...bartenders make at least $20/hour which is great for bums and bummettes right out of high school!! Don't get me started on how much the service is here when waiters and bartendresses don't feel that they have to intimidate you to get a tip!

Angela and I noticed how much better it is... the waitresses such as Aniken and Grace just want to come up and talk to us because they like us instead of bugging us the way they constantly do in America. "How is everything??" interupting us when we are perhaps having a very meaningful epipheous conversation! Don't get me started!;)



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