Hey...wassup??....I have a little more free time now than I will in less than 4 weeks!!!

Daddyhood and all of it's responsibilities have not entered into my reality...
Angel keeps talking about fixing the baby room....
or getting strollers, basinetts, cribs, diapers, baby stuff

More and more, the dream of just staying on the beach with our baby is becoming a reality..

By living here , I will not have 20k in land tax , and the rates for garbage, water, the upkeep of the sea dunes, etcetera will come down about 6k...all for just being a permanent resident rather than a tourist..

I dream of being a volunteer lifeguard and our son joining the jr. "nippers"of the Mermaid Beach, Queensland surf lifesaving club when he's a few years old!!!
We dream of making friends with others in the Aussie beach community....
having a few beers while we all have a pallava and chat!!!

In a little while, my honey and I will walk along the beach to the library and get a few books on pregnancy.... she wants to eat a footlong at Subway, so she is excited
She'll walk a mile for a footlong!


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